In professional baseball, three games of the Pacific League and one game of the Central League were played, and Lotte won the Pacific League, and the magic number to win was "8".

Pacific League

This is the Pacific League.

[Lotte 3-1 Softbank]

Lotte vs. Softbank won by Lotte 3: 1.

Lotte won the goodbye in the 9th inning of 1 to 1 with Oka's No. 6 Touran from the first base of the two outs.

The fifth pitcher, Masuda, who pitched in the 9th inning, won the second victory.

Lotte won three consecutive victories, and the magic number to win was reduced by one to "8".

Softbank was struck by pitcher Mori.

[Orix 3-0 Nippon-Ham] In

Nippon-Ham vs. Orix, Orix won



In the 4th inning, Sugimoto took the lead by hitting No. 32 three-run.

Starting pitcher Soichiro Yamazaki scored his second win with no runs in the sixth inning.

Orix stopped the losing streak with one draw at three.

Nippon-Ham was limited to three hits and suffered a shutout loss for two consecutive games.

[Seibu 5-1 Rakuten] In

Rakuten vs. Seibu, Seibu won 5 to 1.

Seibu scored 1 point in the second inning due to an opponent's error.

In the 3rd inning, Nakamura's sacrifice fly gave him an additional point, and in the 8th inning, Yamakawa's No. 21 three-run pushed him out.

Starting pitcher Imai made a complete game with one goal and scored his eighth win in the fifth year.

Rakuten lacked a connection with the batting line.

Central League

This is the Central League.

[Yakult 8-7 Giants]

Yakult vs. Giants was won by

Yakult 8-7


Yakult won 2 points in the 7th inning of 4 to 4, but in the back, Yamada's timely two base and Osuna's 13th three-run scored 4 points and turned around.

The fourth pitcher, Oshita, is the first white star in three years.

Yakult has reduced the magic number to victory by one to "6".

The Giants lost nine games in a row with one draw in between.

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