A university director who was arrested for leaking more than 200 million yen to a medical corporation in Osaka over the rebuilding work of a hospital attached to Nihon University should send the funds to the company that he sold to an acquaintance just before. Interviews with related parties revealed that there was a suspicion that the medical corporation had requested it.

It is suspected that part of the outflow of funds was actually returned to the director himself, and the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office is believed to have been investigating the circumstances, assuming that it was a work to hide his involvement.

Tadao Inokuchi (64), a director of Nihon University, and Masami Himoto (61), a former director of the medical corporation "Kinshukai" headquartered in Osaka City, over the reconstruction work of the hospital attached to Nihon University. He was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of having caused damage to the university by illegally leaking more than 200 million yen from the university to the medical corporation.

In this case, it is known that there is a suspicion that 66 million yen was remitted from the medical corporation side to the company of an acquaintance of Director Inoguchi after the outflow of funds.

This company is a consultant company in Tokyo that the director sold to an acquaintance just before, and it was newly found by interviewing the people concerned that there was a suspicion that the director had requested the medical corporation side to send money here. ..

It is suspected that the director himself was finally given 25 million yen in cash through this company, and the Special Investigation Department is a representative of the company that receives remittance so that it will not be discovered that part of the outflowed funds will be effectively returned. It seems that he has changed the name of the company and is investigating the details.

According to people familiar with the matter, Director Inoguchi denied any involvement in fraud in any questioning conducted by the Special Investigation Department before his arrest.

On the other hand, Nihon University President Hidetoshi Tanaka, whose home was searched, denied his involvement in any interviews with the Special Investigation Department so far, and reported the damage as a university, saying that the university was not damaged. It means that they are showing an idea that they are not willing to give.

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