"One hat manages to the end" makes grassroots governance more powerful

  Not long ago, this scene was staged in a printing plant in Longgang City, Zhejiang Province: Two local teams of comprehensive law enforcement officers are giving the company a "physical examination". One team checks whether the publications printed by the company are in compliance, and the other team checks waste water and waste gas. Emissions, general solid waste storage and disposal, etc.

  "The inspection found that the problems involved environmental protection, sanitation, publishing, etc. If it was placed in the past, at least three departments would have to check it three times. Now it has achieved a'comprehensive check once', wearing a'hat', and all the problems in a physical examination have been solved." Said Li Hong, the captain of the comprehensive law enforcement team of the Longgang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau.

On September 24, 2020, Longgang City's comprehensive administrative law enforcement system reform plan was approved, and the reform of "a team to manage law enforcement" was gradually implemented in the local area.

  For a long time, the phenomenon of "multiple big caps cannot control a straw hat" has been criticized, and it also highlights the embarrassment caused by repeated law enforcement, cross law enforcement, and multiple law enforcement in urban grassroots governance.

In recent years, the reform of the grass-roots administrative law enforcement system has spread across the country.

In the past year, Longgang’s vivid practice of "a team in charge of law enforcement" is an important epitome of the "multi-hat integration" reform at the grassroots level.

What local experience is worth learning from?

Recently, the reporter came to Longgang to conduct research.

Improve the law enforcement model and solve the problem of "multiple law enforcement"

  "Longgang City's'one team to manage law enforcement' is not original, but compared with other districts, counties, and township reforms across the country, the biggest feature is'large integration + flattening', which is'one control to the end'. Single-tier system of law enforcement.” Wang Zongzheng, Dean of Wenzhou University Law School, pointed out that local experience has a typical reference value for urban law enforcement reform under the conditions of comprehensive reform of new urbanization.

  Fang Yijun, director of the Longgang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, said that through the reform of “one team manages law enforcement”, all 3,043 law enforcement matters in the city’s 9 departments and 29 fields have been transferred to the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, and unified command and multiple law enforcement matters have been established. A flat law enforcement system with cross-coordination and joint linkage.

This is also the comprehensive law enforcement system reform with the widest coverage, the largest number of transfers, and the most streamlined integration team in Zhejiang Province.

  "Now we have realized the transition from'decentralized law enforcement' to'centralized law enforcement', from'multiple law enforcement' to'comprehensive investigation once'." Li Hong, who has been working on the front line for many years, has witnessed the changes in local law enforcement mode.

According to the principle of "all divisions should be drawn, all transfers should be transferred", "a team" is divided into 8 brigades to exercise decentralized law enforcement powers more accurately.

Among them, 5 comprehensive law enforcement teams are responsible for daily law enforcement inspections and general case handling; 3 professional law enforcement teams handle cases with strong expertise, high law enforcement procedures, and difficult and complicated cases.

According to statistics, from December 2020 to August 2021, the Longgang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau handled 581 general procedure cases and 30,100 simple procedure cases, realizing both the quantity and quality of cases handled.

  "'One team manages law enforcement' solves the problem of multiple inspections from the source, solves the problem of law enforcement harassing enterprises and people from the mechanism, and has achieved significant improvements in law enforcement capabilities, reduced administrative costs, increased public acceptance, and optimization of the business environment. Effect." Wang Zongzheng thought.

Sinking law enforcement forces, "visible" must also be "controllable"

  In the reform of the grass-roots administrative law enforcement system, the problem of insufficient grass-roots law enforcement power needs to be resolved urgently.

Longgang City is currently the only county-level city in the country that has implemented the "large-ministerial, flat" administrative system reform, with 102 communities under its jurisdiction and a permanent population of 465,000.

The demand for local public services is large and wide-ranging, and the problem of the “last mile” of grassroots law enforcement is even more prominent.

  "We are constantly trying to sink the law enforcement force, striving to achieve more convenient public services and more effective law enforcement supervision." Fang Yijun said.

The Longgang City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau uses the community joint party committee as the carrier, and implements the operation mechanism of "central unified command, grid daily inspection, and brigade law enforcement inspection" to achieve "visible and uncontrollable" from the community, and the department "can manage, The change from "invisible" to "visible and manageable".

  Kong Xiangbang, 58, is a law enforcement team member in the Chengbei area of ​​Longgang City and a grid attendant stationed at the fourth joint service station in the Yanjiang area.

He is like an "alley housekeeper". If he encounters illegal parking or occupation of roads, and is within the jurisdiction of comprehensive administrative law enforcement, he will contact the nearest neighbor for handling; if he encounters community affairs, the public asks for help, and belongs to the grid attendant's duties, he will be dealt with immediately. Carry out services.

  The reporter learned that the Longgang City Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau divides its jurisdiction into 5 major areas, which are in charge of 5 comprehensive law enforcement teams.

At the same time, some law enforcement personnel are dispatched to 26 joint logistics workstations in the city as grid personnel; the joint logistics workstations are operated by cadres from the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Market Supervision Administration and other agencies and the social work agency, so as to achieve timely response and efficient disposal. .

  The phenomenon of "one person with multiple posts" of law enforcement team members also puts forward higher requirements on the professional quality of the personnel.

In order to strictly control the quality of cases, the local government promoted the service model of "Lawyers stationed in the bureau" to handle cases for law enforcement personnel, and conduct regular training on laws and regulations.

"By regulating the case-handling process, the chaos of'arbitrary law enforcement' has been effectively avoided." said Wang Yiwei, a lawyer stationed in the bureau.

Innovative law enforcement methods, cracking fewer people, more troubles, and poor information

  With the in-depth advancement of grass-roots law enforcement reform, problems such as fewer people and more tasks, poor information, and difficulty in obtaining cross-departmental data have become increasingly prominent.

In order to realize "less law enforcement personnel run away, and system data run away more", Longgang City has created a "one team to manage law enforcement" collaborative support applications, integrating command, query, coordination, and law enforcement functions; it has also established a digital law enforcement supervision collaboration The command system connects with the “four platforms for grassroots governance” and the 12345 government affairs platform. Through functions such as data collection, AI intelligent analysis and process monitoring, it finely manages the three elements of “people, things, and things”.

  With the acceleration of the construction of smart cities, another "smart housekeeper" came to the citizens.

Introduce the "Everything Cloud City Manager", using the cloud platform as the carrier, for all communities, covering matters such as municipal management, safety management, environmental sanitation, city appearance and order, and implement property management and digital operation to achieve the relative separation of urban management service functions , The purer purpose of the law enforcement team, so as to solve the problem of fewer people and more tasks.

  According to reports, through the use of digital means, the handling time for petitions and complaints has been reduced from 3 working days to 1 hour, and the efficiency has been increased by 98%; the investigation time before the filing of the case has been reduced from 7 days to 1 day, and the efficiency has increased by 85%; the implementation time of joint law enforcement From the 15th to the 2nd, the efficiency increased by 87%.

  Fang Yijun said that in the future, we will continue to deepen digital empowerment and comprehensive law enforcement, promote the iterative upgrade of urban smart management; explore efficient coordination mechanisms for approval, supervision, and law enforcement, continue to straighten out the division of departmental responsibilities, and build a more scientific and reasonable responsibility system.

  Wu Jinqun, a professor at the China Institute of New Urbanization at Zhejiang University, pointed out that the advancement of digital reform at the grassroots level has become an important way for the government to modernize its governance system and governance capabilities.

Reconstructing the system structure through digital technology, and exploring the “integration of the city and the community, and the integration of the blocks” will be an important direction for the digitization of government affairs in the future.

(Guangming Wang reporter Li Zhengwei Li Mengzhu reporter Lu Jian)

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