There are injections that stick like a band-aid without a needle.

It is a 'patch injection' that could be introduced to corona vaccination someday.

A vaccine is being developed around the world that is applied like a band-aid instead of an injection.

It is being developed in Korea, and this is it.

[Shin Joo-yeop / Head of R Company's Pharmaceutical Business Division: There are many people who are very afraid of needles. It is also called a painless injection patch in the form of a patch that can replace such injections. We are developing a vaccine using a patch.]

Injection patches vary in size depending on the drug dose or use.

If you look closely, you will see something like spiky thorns.

This is the needle and the drug that enters the body.

In fact, when you touch it, the square adhesive plate like a band-aid is soft, and the small, pointed needle is hard.

[Shin Joo-yeop / Head of R company's drug business division: You can think of it as a blank scene that does not contain drugs. (Does it really hurt?) It doesn't hurt. You have to press it gently with your thumb while it is slightly raised. (Ah) This feeling, gently press it like this. (It's a bit stinging and the injection hurts a lot at once. It's not that, it's a mild pain. I feel a little stiff.)] There is

one more way to get an injection.

I use a tool that taps the patch to apply the patch accurately.

[Shin Joo-yeop / Head of R company's pharmaceutical business division: It's over. (I think this makes it less painful.)]

Around the world, patch injections are made in a variety of ways, including cutting and pouring drugs to dry.

For this injection, a drop of drug is dropped on an adhesive plate, and another adhesive plate is pressed on top of it and released, and the drug in the middle becomes this thin.

After drying in that state for about 5 minutes, it transforms into a small, hard needle.

Why was this made?

[Shin Joo-yeop / Head of Pharmaceutical Business Division of R Company: There are many patients who have a phobia of injection needles. Looking at the injection, some people collapsed from shock, some people had convulsions like this when the needle was just inserted, and young children, especially when they go to the hospital, get injections. It's a band, and when you want to put on a band-aid, you can use it conveniently by soothing it.] A

vaccine is said to be more effective.

We're getting the coronavirus vaccine into our muscles.

However, in fact, for the corona vaccine to have an immune effect, it is said that it must enter the dermis layer of the skin, where immune cells are the most.

But the technique to make the syringe short is difficult, so we injected deep into it.

Patch injections are still only used as skin care tools and cosmetics.

Medicines that are directly related to life take time because they have to go through more verification processes.

▶ If you add "Slightly stiff", the inoculation is over!

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