Singer Seongbong Choi, who was caught up in the suspicion of a false cancer fight, promised a refund of the donation, but has continued to walk without an official apology.

On the 12th, Choi Seong-bong said, "I'm sorry for causing trouble and hurting you. Of course, I will return it to members who ask for donations back." "Sorry, I have 65,480 won. I will," he promised.

However, Choi Seong-bong deleted the post after a few hours.

On the 12th, Choi Seong-bong's fan cafe members posted several times asking Choi Sung-bong the truth about the suspicion of a fake cancer battle, and some of them requested a refund of the donation money sent to Choi Seong-bong, but Choi Seong-bong did not make any statement. .

In response, Choi Seong-bong's manager said, "I also have no contact with Choi Seong-bong. I will refund only the details deposited on the same day (12th)." I don't know," he drew a line.

In the fan cafe with Choi Seong-bong as the operator and the manager as the deputy operator, as of the 13th, general members, except for the staff, were restricted from writing posts. As a result, the operation of the fan cafe is practically suspended.

The project to raise 1 billion won album production cost, which Choi Seong-bong posted on his crowdfunding website last month, has now been cancelled. On the 12th, it was reported that Choi Seong-bong announced his intention to cancel the project on the website due to 'it is difficult to continue the project'.

A fan club member who sent a donation to Choi Seong-bong said, "I wonder if I will keep my promise to return the donation when the fan cafe practically stopped operating and even deleted the post saying that the donation will be returned." The fact that I can't trust people makes me even more upset."

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)

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