Following the arrest of an employee of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative in Shizuoka Prefecture for stealing approximately 4 tons of frozen bonito, the Fisheries Cooperative has set up an investigation committee.

A 40-year-old employee of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative in Shizuoka Prefecture colluded with three officers of a fishery processing company in Yaizu City, and this year, about 4 tons of frozen bonito landed at the Yaizu fishing port at the end of April, with a market value of about 4 tons. He was arrested on the 12th on suspicion of stealing the equivalent of 740,000 yen.

In response to this, the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative has announced that it will set up an investigation committee and work to elucidate the entire case.

According to the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative, the investigation committee will consist of six members, including corporate lawyers and executives of the Fisheries Cooperative, and will conduct interviews with staff.

According to the executives of the fishery cooperative, the fishery company that was the victim of the theft consulted with us around April, and after that, in June, two additional security cameras were installed at the entrance and exit of the fishing port. In July, they were taking measures to prevent recurrence, such as assigning private security guards, which had not existed before.

According to Shizuoka Prefecture, the Yaizu fishing port had the largest amount of frozen bonito landed in Japan last year.

Kakujiro Nishikawa, the head of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative, commented on the website, "We are very sorry for causing such a situation and deeply apologize to the members and everyone involved."

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