Rachel Hazes has spoken to Albert Verlinde about the many gossip about the condition of her son André.

According to Rachel, a lot of nonsense is being spread, Verlinde told

Shownieuws on

Wednesday evening


"If 1 percent of it is true, then it is a lot. It is really absolute nonsense," said the singer's mother in conversation with Verlinde.

She emphasizes that there is an "emotional burnout".

The singer announced in September that he wanted to take it easier.

At the time, it was already said that it would be a burnout, but there was much speculation via social media that there would be more to it.

According to those rumors, André would struggle with a drug addiction and would have been admitted to a clinic.

Since the announcement, all his concerts until November have been canceled and the artist's team has been silent.

His mother now wants to clarify to stop the speculation.

"André lost his father at the age of ten and then took on the task of being the man in the house. Then at the age of thirteen he suddenly became known as a singer in Belgium and the Netherlands and at a very young age he ended up in a very hard world. Then at the age of 20 he falls in love with an older woman and at the age of 22 he suddenly becomes a father."

According to Rachel, it is difficult that "all of the Netherlands" has an opinion about her son.

"Everything he does is under a magnifying glass and he can never do it right for everyone."


Weeks of radio silence: where is André Hazes?

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