The suspenseful web drama "Octagonal Pavilion Mystery Fog" was launched on October 13, and the iQiyi Fog Theater returned. At the same time, there will be "Gold Rush", "Who is the Murderer" and "Fatal Wishes" and many other suspenseful web dramas will be broadcast one after another.

Last year, iQiyi Fog Theater created high-quality hits such as "The Hidden Corner" and "The Silent Truth". Youku and Tencent also launched a number of suspenseful web dramas. "Skyscrapers" and "White Sun and Moonlight" also gained good reputation. .

In the new "Suspense Season" of online platforms, who can become the next "Hidden Corner"?

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  Different perspectives

  Last year, iQIYI Misty Theater launched five suspenseful online dramas, "The Silent Truth", "The Hidden Corner", "Extremely Witness", "Dangerous Doomsday" and "Ten Days Game", creating a seasonal brand of suspense dramas.

This year, the iQIYI Misty Theater will be on stage again, and four suspenseful web dramas will be launched one after another: "Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Fog", "Gold Rush", "Who is the Murderer" and "Fatal Wish".

"Octagonal Pavilion Mystery Fog", launched on October 13th, kicked off the curtain of this year's Fog Theater. Just looking at the lineup has aroused everyone's expectations.

"Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Fog" is the chief director of the famous film director Wang Xiaoshuai. He has previously directed the crime suspense film "Intruder". This is his first trial of a web drama.

Duan Yihong and Hao Lei, the leading actors in the play, have collaborated again after 15 years, as well as actors with excellent acting skills such as Zu Feng and Wu Yue, as well as new-generation actor Bai Yufan, who performed well in "Mountains and Seas" and "I'm Very Good in a Foreign Country". .

  According to producer Dai Ying, the four episodes of the Fog Theater this year will show different perspectives.

"Octagonal Pavilion Mystery Fog" is not a standard typed suspense drama, but "suspense + life". The focus is not on "who is the murderer", but the internal driving factors behind a series of behaviors of the characters.

The play tells the story of a 19-year unsolved "octagonal pavilion unsolved case" in a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. The suspicion and estrangement between relatives are like mist in a water town that cannot be calmed.

When the murder happened again, the dusty memories and pain made people fall into the abyss of love and hate.

  "Fatal Wish" starring Feng Shaofeng, Wen Qi, Fan Chengcheng and others is "suspense + fantasy", the work is full of futuristic sense, and even somewhat similar to the popular drama "Squid Game".

The play tells the story of a wishing mobile app that appears on the mobile phones of a group of college students without warning, completing simple tasks randomly assigned, and the wishes can be realized.

The young man who couldn't stand the temptation opened the Pandora's Box of desire.

  "Gold Rush" starring Liao Fan and Chen Feiyu takes the route of "suspense + adventure".

The play is adapted from the hot post "1986 Gold Rush" on the Tianya Forum, and is set in the mysterious southwestern forest. It reveals the story of gold diggers that the world does not know, and focuses on the humanity and courage that people show in the face of money and desire.

  In contrast, "Who is the Murderer" can be regarded as a standard suspense genre drama, which tells a story of 26 years of chasing the murderer.

"Who is the Murderer" director Sun Hao once directed "Celebrating More Than Years", and the starring lineup composed of Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, and Dong Zijian raised the audience's expectations.

Zhao Liying starred as a psychotherapist in the play. In the previously announced trailer, she smiled and revealed a fierce light behind her smile, making her identity a mystery.

 Movie and drama linkage

  Cluster effect

  In addition to Iqiyi's Misty Theater, other platforms will also launch a number of suspense dramas in the near future.

"The Truth" starring Chen Xingxu, Ge Yuexi, Xu Yajun, Liu Chang, Wen Zhengrong and others will be broadcast on Youku Suspense Theater on October 14.

This drama is the first suspense drama on the subject of procuratorial technical work in China. It tells the story of procuratorial technicians using advanced professional technical means to help prosecutors break through the bottleneck of difficult cases and overcome "zero confession" cases.

"The Corridor Pavilion" starring Deng Jiajia and Zhang Xincheng will also be broadcast in Youku Suspense Theater. The play is adapted from the mystery novel "The Corridor Pavilion Murder" by Keigo Higashino. It is a story about the fate of the characters changed due to a fire. .

In addition, the urban suspense emotional drama "The Twelfth Second" starring Wan Qian and Ren Zhong will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV from October 18.

The play tells the story of the six-month pregnant wife Hu Jiaying of criminal policeman Zhao Yichen who suddenly disappeared, leaving behind an 11-second alarm call.

  This year's suspense-themed works also have a major feature, that is, the linkage between movies and dramas is more frequent, and multiple works have launched both drama and movie versions at the same time.

In addition to the online version of "Octagonal Pavilion Mystery Fog", the movie version has also been set up. The two works use the same screenwriter, and both will have the participation of director Wang Xiaoshuai.

The drama version "The Corridor Pavilion" starring Deng Jiajia and Zhang Xincheng is about to start airing, and the movie version starring Ren Suxi and Liu Mintao has also started, both of which are adapted from Higashino Keigo's mystery novels.

In addition, there is "Moses on the Plains" that was announced by the official of the Iqiyi Fog Theater. The broadcast time of the online version has not yet been determined, but the film version directed by Zhang Ji and starring Liu Haoran and Zhou Dongyu has been announced this year. Released at the end of the year.

  Since the beginning of this year, there have been many suspense drama series such as "Fog Tracking", "True Detective of Lies" and "Double Detective" to meet the audience, but sporadic broadcasts are difficult to form a "theatre" cluster effect.

The return of iQiyi's Misty Theater has triggered a wave of suspenseful web dramas, which makes people look forward to the reappearance of heavyweight works like "The Hidden Corner". episodes broke out, and many more works have been prepared in advance, waiting for the time to be broadcast.

In addition to the "Moses on the Plain" that has been announced by the official at the Iqiyi Misty Theater, there is also "The Night Crawler" starring Li Yifeng and Song Yi, telling a thrilling anti-drug story.

"The Guilty Hunting Illustrated Book" starring Jin Shijia and Tan Jianci is a suspenseful drama with two male protagonists.

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