On the 12th, a house was set on fire in Kofu City, and the bodies of two people, believed to be a couple in their 50s, were found, and police interviews revealed that the bodies had multiple puncture wounds.

The boy, who was arrested on suspicion of injury to the couple's daughter, said that he had "killed a person" when he appeared, and police are investigating the details.

In the case where a house in Yomogisawa, Kofu City was set on fire before 4 am on the 12th, and the bodies of two people who seemed to be Mr. and Mrs. Moriji Inoue who lived in this house were found in the burnt remains, the second daughter who lives with the couple just before the fire broke out. A 19-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of injury for beating and injuring him.

According to the police, he admitted that he had been injured in the investigation so far and made a statement suggesting that he had set fire.

Meanwhile, police scrutinized the bodies of the two and found that they both had multiple puncture wounds and that the cause of death was blood loss, and according to investigators, there were also cutlery from the burn marks. Since it was found, we are analyzing whether it was used in the case.

Police are investigating the details of the case, saying that the boy who was arrested said that he had "killed a person" when he appeared on the 12th.

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