Singer Daniel Kang expressed his feelings about his first attempt at acting with the Disney+ (Disney Plus) Korean original content 'You and My Police Class'.

The Walt Disney Company held an APAC content showcase ahead of the launch of Disney+, an online video service, today (14th).

On this day, Disney introduced 7 Korean works, and the first to be introduced was 'You and My Police Class', starring Daniel Kang and Soobin Chae.

'You and My Police Class' is a work that depicts the romance of young people growing up against the backdrop of a police academy.

Watching the trailer that was first released at the showcase that day, Daniel Kang expressed his impression, "It's the first time I've seen the finished video, so it's amazing. I think it captures the youthful image I had in mind, so I want to see it through a work as soon as possible."

Kang Daniel continued, "After reading the script for 'You and My Police Class', my worries about my first acting challenge disappeared. I was drawn to the genre of youth investigation drama, and read the script as if possessed. I took the challenge because I liked the look of the character I play. I am enjoying the filming because I am having a different kind of fun from stage acting.”

In the meantime, Daniel Kang explained, "I went to an action school to practice a lot of action in order to increase the ability of all sports. Also, I mobilized all of my acquaintances to meet a real police student and ask a lot of questions and study." I did.

Lastly, Kang Daniel said, "Disney seems to be a memorable name for everyone. I loved animation when I was young, and it's an honor to be on Disney+ as a 'devotee' who likes Marvel. Also, with actor Chae Soo-bin. I am excited and looking forward to presenting a work that is in sync with each other.”

Disney+, which will land in Korea on November 12, is an online streaming service that offers a variety of movies and TV shows such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars series.

Among the 20 new contents released at the showcase on this day, Korean original works are the first official spin-off entertainment of SBS 'Running Man', documentary film of group Black Pink, 5 dramas including 'Moving' based on Kangful Webtoon, 1 entertainment, and documentary It was one movie.

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