• Accounts 2022 Budgets 2022: Health loses almost 10% of its piggy bank due to the lower investment in vaccines

  • Interview "We need to invest 4,000 million euros to put the score of Primary Care needs to zero"

Health offers primary care an economic allocation equivalent to

4.4% of the minimum needs required by doctors.

In the presentation of the general state budgets for 2022, a specific item is included for this area. The

amount of the Strategic Framework amounts to only 176 million euros

. Carolina Darias, Minister of Health, promised a week ago that there would be a national plan to solve the shortcomings of this level of care.

"We know that

primary care is a fundamental pillar to guarantee access to healthcare

. That is why we have unanimously approved, with two abstentions, an action plan for this level with concrete measures and budgetary allocation, which

will be a turning point and to improve it

". This was announced by Darias during the closing ceremony at the XLI Congress of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc), held last weekend in Palma de Mallorca.

For primary care physicians, the amount reflected in the budgets hardly serves to cover the needs of any autonomy. For example, this is the case of Castilla y León. In the same forum for primary school physicians,

Verónica Casado, counselor

of said statement, pointed out on this matter that "there will be financing, and there will be financing from the autonomous communities.

In Castilla y León, 175 million euros


Salvador Tranche

, president of Semfyc,

presented in the Senate the accounts adjusted to the needs of primary school professionals: 4,000 million euros

. Tranche specified in an interview with this medium that it is only an amount

to zero current needs

. "The difference in family doctors that we drag with respect to the EU is not included in that budget; or if, for example, you consider adding new resources at the first level, it is not contemplated either; or if you propose to deepen the digitization and in information systems and new technologies in health centers, as it is not included either. "

The president of this group of doctors explains that "

we estimate that 2,800 of those 4,000 million should be allocated to human resources

and the remaining 1,200 for maintenance of health centers (around 50 million a year) and new equipment." Figures that are very far from those that are collected in current budgets.

Because, furthermore, as Tranche explains, "

primary school has been losing approximately the gap that we have had with hospital care

in this chapter since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. Between 2008 and 2019-2020, primary school has lost

between 36 and 38% more budget than specialized care

. The hospital begins to recover around 2017, it is balanced in 2018 and already in 2019 it begins to grow a little. For obvious reasons, 2020 cannot be compared with any previous year ".

In addition, according to the words of


, it is

necessary to implement this action plan, which was compromised in the declaration of last October 1 in Gran Canaria

, with which to articulate concrete measures, with dates and budgetary commitment. As he recalled, this plan aims to achieve the right to the protection of the health of the population and guarantee close, equitable and cohesive care throughout the national territory. And he stressed that among its main objectives is the comprehensive approach to the most frequent health problems; clinical practice centered on the person and the community, considering the social determinants of health; improving the capacity for diagnostic resolution, and strengthening the longitudinality of care.

It should be noted that Tranche insists that, despite the goodwill of the autonomous communities as Castilla y León pointed out, and specifies that "

the problem is that the Interterritorial Council does not specify anything

; it limits itself to exposing a generic philosophy, with which all We could receive communion, but that is not accompanied by any economic memory, and thus we are not going anywhere.

The CCAA alone cannot and we need a pact, an explicit commitment from the State

to improve the situation of primary school, because it is to improve the situation of the country ".

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