Although Emma Wortelboer can appear on television as if she dares anything, the presenter tells



that she really sees public humiliation as her greatest fear.

"I am afraid of public humiliation, that you are on a large square such as Dam Square and that you then have to do something you cannot do and then be looked at strangely," said the 24-year-old presenter.

For her work at 101TV, Wortelboer had to do social experiments, such as addressing people and pretending to be a fortune teller.

"Or kicking a scene by making a fake argument. I really couldn't stand that. I don't care online, but in real life I do."

The presenter is a lot calmer than people expect from her.

"I'm quite a recluse, I like to be at home. Before I didn't have that need at all, I just wanted to get away from home. Now I have the opposite. Work is always busy, so when I'm home I like it to not have people around me for a while and just watch series."

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