[Explanation] On October 13, the US ONE "Rational Consumption, Happy Shopping" Double 11 Conference was held in Shanghai, which was also the closing day of "OFFER for All Girls".

  As a partner of ONE, the e-commerce anchor Li Jiaqi appeared at the press conference that day.

In recent years, many brands have been known and loved by consumers through Li Jiaqi's live studio, including international big names, new domestic brands and niche brands of treasure.

Li Jiaqi revealed that this year will be his sixth year of "Double 11" live broadcast, and each year of "Double 11" live broadcast is like a "big test" challenge to him.

He pointed out that this year he will help domestic products and niche "out of the circle", hoping to reach the public with more outstanding domestic brands.

  [Concurrent] E-commerce anchor Li Jiaqi

  We have to add more fuel, we have to rush out for everyone to see, for the industry to see, and for all Chinese consumers to see, our made in China and Chinese domestic products are really different from before.

Therefore, this year's "Double 11" Jiaqi wants to do her best to make domestic products into the niche, as well as some brands that everyone loves.

  [Explanation] For the brand side, the live broadcast room is not only a sales channel, but behind it there are a large number of consumers' actual experience and real demands, which are directly reflected in the interaction between the live broadcast rooms. This is very valuable first-hand data.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Shiman, New Media Director of Huaxizi Brand, Head of Big Live Broadcast

  We feel that live broadcast will be more like a mirror. It can also allow all consumers to get the first time their feelings and feedback to us, and then also let the brand itself know its shortcomings. Where.

  [Explanation] It is worth mentioning that the Li Jiaqi live broadcast room on the evening of October 13 also showed two major technological breakthroughs: XR vertical screen live broadcast using multiple virtual camera positions throughout the process and XR extended reality technology to show real-time 3D scenes.

  [Concurrent] Wu Haotian, Head of XR Visual Design

  XR (Extended Reality) technology is now a relatively advanced live broadcast technology in the world, mainly using image tracking software, and camera tracking to synchronize.

In fact, the main purpose of presenting is to let the host present the live broadcast in the cloud, so that what the audience sees is not true. Then the XR technology is also the rendering of real-time 3D scenes, breaking through the limitation of the live broadcast venue size, allowing the scene to be expanded infinitely.

  [Explanation] Li Jiaqi said that this year's "Double 11" live broadcast room has made new attempts from content to form to technology, hoping to bring more freshness to everyone.

At the same time, he also hopes to help more high-quality brands to be seen through his own efforts, to pass on some of their ideas and concepts to everyone, to narrow the distance between brands and consumers, "rational consumption, happy shopping", and let the industry The ecology is becoming more and more healthy.

  Reporter Xu Yinkang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]

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