[Explanation] On October 14, the award ceremony and performance of the "2021 Sino-Russian College Students Art Festival" was held in Changchun, Jilin. College students from the two countries jointly presented an art feast.

  This event was sponsored by China Education International Exchange Association and St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia, and undertaken by Jilin University.

Due to the epidemic, the event was held for the first time through a combination of online and offline methods.

  As an institutionalized project in the educational field of the "National Year" and "Language Year" between China and Russia, the "Sino-Russian College Students Art Festival" since its inception in 2003 has been warmly welcomed by college students from the two countries and has effectively promoted young students from China and Russia. Mutual understanding and friendship.

  [Concurrent] Wang Yongli, Secretary General of China Education International Exchange Association

  This art festival is very meaningful for us to continue to deepen and consolidate the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Russian young people.

Although there is an epidemic, the epidemic cannot stop our mutual communication and mutual desire to understand the mood and confidence.

  [Explanation] It is understood that since the launch of the "2021 Sino-Russian College Students Art Festival" in August this year, 35 Chinese universities and 55 Russian universities have selected and sent a total of 199 cultural programs.

After review by the expert group, 46 gold award programs and 119 outstanding programs were selected.

  After the award ceremony, the folk band of Jilin University kicked off the show with the Chinese classic folk music "Dragon Teng and Tiger Leap".

The mood of the music is hot and the national style is deep, especially in the last part, the theme melody and the drum sound intersect, which is shocking.

  On that day, 20 colleges and universities from China and Russia presented 19 cultural programs. Some college students from the two countries participated in the exhibition through video, and Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, and Jilin University of the Arts performed live performances by colleges and universities in Jilin Province.

  Chinese college students who participated in the show said that "music knows no borders". Such activities have strengthened the exchanges between the youth of the two countries.

  [Concurrent] Xia Wanting, student of Jilin University of Arts

  Although our country is different and our language is not communicated, we can use music and culture to infuse each other, so we use traditional Chinese national musical instruments to show each other our beautiful Chinese culture.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Jingyi, student of Jilin University

  I think this program is a very good form to promote China's excellent traditional culture and spread it to Russian students in the form of a national orchestral music. They are also acceptable for such a way of art appreciation.

I hope that through this event, we can promote our excellent traditional Chinese culture, and also allow good communication and exchanges between Chinese and Russian cultures.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan reports from Changchun

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]

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