Hanna van Vliet and Thorn de Vries, who play the leading roles in the cinema film


, are proud of the intimate scene they play in the film.

The film is based on the series of the same name, in which the lesbian Anne (Van Vliet) thinks back to all her loves from her student days.

The series, of which two parts have been made so far, received rave reviews at home and abroad due to, among other things, the queer representation.

"That scene with Lou (De Vries's character, ed.), that is a special sex scene for a Dutch film," Van Vliet tells NU.nl.

"Actually for the film landscape at all, because it is so vulnerable."

Without wanting to give too much away: in the scene in question, the two end up in bed, where the viewer's eye also falls on the scars of the non-binary Lou.

"That was recorded three months after my

top surgery

, so it felt super vulnerable anyway," says De Vries.

"Your body is still healing. My body felt new to me. I had lost a lot of muscle mass because I couldn't exercise. But the atmosphere on set felt very safe and I am very proud of that scene."

'You make a kind of choreography'

The actors received help from an intimacy coach when shooting the scene.

"We really rehearsed it, so you don't have to worry," explains De Vries.

Van Vliet: "You talk to each other about what you do and don't want, where you do and do not want to be touched. You make a kind of choreography, so that everyone knows where they stand. Very logical in fact."

According to both, an intimacy coordinator should be a regular part of a film set.

De Vries: "It's only just starting to get going."

'Welcome with open arms'

De Vries is a new face in the film



"I ended up in a warm bath. You come to a close group of people, but I was welcomed with open arms. I also learned a lot. I got the chance to play with Hanna, while I only had a year of acting experience at the time. Moreover, it is very nice to do a project that you know that many people will benefit from."

The latter confirms Van Vliet, who was nominated for a Golden Calf for her role in the series last year.

"It's not only fun, but also important. We get messages every day from people who feel less lonely, who now dare to come out or no longer feel that they are different. I think in that sense we have become role models for young people and young girls."

The actress therefore also started to think about the question: who am I and what can I mean?

"Everyone is vulnerable in this project. You see skin, you see scars, it's not polished. I think that's really cool and I hope it inspires others to be a little more vulnerable too."


will premiere on October 14.

The film will then be available worldwide on Netflix.

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