On October 13, a closed-loop management practitioner in Huitong Logistics Park, Erlianhot City, Inner Mongolia tested positive for nucleic acid.

At present, people with positive nucleic acid tests have been transported to the hospital for observation and treatment in a closed loop as soon as possible, and all relevant contacts have been quarantined for medical observation.

The current epidemic is preventable and controllable.

  In order to resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic, the Erenhot City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters decided to start the citywide nucleic acid test at 12 noon on October 14 and complete the first round of nucleic acid testing for all employees before 24:00 on October 14.

The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

  1. All personnel in the administrative area of ​​Erenhot City are required to undergo nucleic acid testing and screening.

  2. In order to ensure the full coverage of nucleic acid testing, no omissions, and reduce the flow of personnel, we will concentrate our efforts on nucleic acid testing for all employees. From 0:00 on October 14th, close management will be implemented in the administrative area of ​​the city, and traffic control will be implemented at all traffic entrances and exits.

All government agencies, enterprises and institutions in the city have suspended work and production, major schools, primary schools, and kindergartens have suspended classes, and various business premises have suspended operations.

The basic people's livelihood security departments such as water, electricity, gas heating and communications should strengthen their duty to ensure normal operation.

  3. The general public are requested to carry their valid ID documents, wear masks in accordance with the time and place notified by the community, go to the sampling point for nucleic acid testing in time, and queue in an orderly manner according to the guidelines of the on-site staff, and keep a safe distance of more than 1 meter. Jump in line, don't talk, don't gather.

  4. While waiting for the nucleic acid test results, the general public is requested to stay at home consciously and not go out or gather unless necessary.

(Headquarters reporter Liu Xiaobo Baoyin)

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