[Live Voice] White-haired and gray-haired are also endless. Older people practice "waist-shaking technique"; if you shake me, he also shakes. The waist doesn't hurt and the legs are relaxed.


  [Explanation] In the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, there is such a group of uncles, their average age is over 60 years old, using simple fitness equipment to develop a strong physique.

Whether it is "hanging upside down ladder" or "one-word horse", these movements are quite difficult for young people, and in the case of the uncle of the Temple of Heaven, they are "comfortable".

  [Explanation] Today, 79-year-old Wu Baoyin is also a member of the fitness group.

More than ten years ago, he suffered a car accident, and the root cause of the disease has since been rooted.

In order not to be paralyzed and to restore health, Uncle Wu began to exercise and created a set of effective waist shaking skills.

Recently, he introduced his exercise experience to reporters.

  [Concurrent] "Master of Temple of Heaven" Wu Baoyin

  I heard them say that the old people in Temple of Heaven Park are training their muscles, so I went here to practice.

The old man told me to hang at the beginning, but started to hang up, and it went down for 3 seconds.

Now that I can exercise for one minute, I can do much more (actions), just take the experience of dozens of old people in the Temple of Heaven who have exercised back pain for more than ten years, and I chose a few exercises that I can do. "Waist-shaking technique", many people have back pain afterwards, clutching their waists and looking for it. This is a very simple principle, which is to train muscles.

  [Explanation] After pressing the legs, stretching, and a set of warm-up actions, the key point of Uncle Wu's exercise: brisk walking.

He has to walk ten miles every day.

Uncle Wu said that he exercises according to the doctor's instructions and pays attention to scientific principles. The two most important words are "safety".

  [Concurrent] "Master of Temple of Heaven" Wu Baoyin

  Exercising really depends on your physical condition. What is the number one priority? It’s not the best skill or the two words “safety”.

Why do I say that when you do something, you don’t have to think about "Everyone, see how I’m practicing." You should think about safety first.

Because you have a family, your own relatives, and children behind you, you have to think about this, and you must first consider safety in everything you do.

  [Explanation] 356 days a year, Uncle Wu has worked out rain or shine.

He always said that muscle training cannot be stopped, and only he knows the hard work of this exercise.

  [Concurrent] "Master of Temple of Heaven" Wu Baoyin

  On a very cold day, on a very hot day, can you say that I don’t go out?

Who flashed in my mind at this moment?

Son, child's figure.

I told them (this method), and they said it worked when they practiced.

I said that when you hold on to this bar, your hands hurt for a while, and when you can’t hold on, you can hold on for a few more times by reciting your child’s name.

  [Explanation] Mentioning the secrets of health preservation, Uncle Wu said that he basically does not eat health products, and eats vegetables, fruits and fish the most.

Live regularly and exercise regularly. In his view, taking care of yourself is the greatest love for children.

  [Concurrent] "Master of Temple of Heaven" Wu Baoyin

  The old man should love his child and don't make him trouble.

Because children are under great pressure and children are under great pressure at work, they are under much greater pressure.

So when you say that you are sick, take you to the hospital today and ask your child for trouble tomorrow. Therefore, the old man is not selfish and truly loves the child. It is to take good care of himself. This is the greatest love for the child.

  [Explanation] "The young people are busy with work and pressure, but health is the most important thing." Uncle Wu also has something to say about the aesthetics of young people.

  [Concurrent] "Master of Temple of Heaven" Wu Baoyin

  Children, to be beautiful, to be two words-bodybuilding.

Listen to grandpa, bodybuilder, you have to train without losing muscles and become fuller. How can you have wrinkles?

What kind of makeup do you need? The impression you give is very beautiful, of the kind of bodybuilding.

It’s not other beauty, it’s bodybuilding. Everyone likes it, right?

  (Reported by reporter Shan Lu from Beijing)

Editor in charge: [Sun Jingbo]

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