"Comrade police, please help. The child in the family has spent all of the 220,000 yuan. Ask her how to spend it." At 3 o'clock in the afternoon on October 8, at the Duty Hall of the Baishiyi Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of the High-tech Zone, Chen The lady brought a little girl and her family to seek help.

  Seeing that her mother was very emotional, the little girl lowered her head and said nothing. The police first calmed the emotions of the mother and daughter, and then began to learn the details of the matter from Ms. Chen.

Junior high school girls

Spend 220,000 yuan in the grandmother's card in two months

  According to Ms. Chen, their family lives in Baishiyi Town, and their grandmother lives with her family. The child's name is Zhou Yue (a pseudonym) and is in junior high school.

On the day of the incident, because the family needed money, grandma took the bank card to withdraw the money, but found that nearly 220,000 yuan of deposit in the bank card was missing. After asking all the family members, they said they didn’t know. At this time, grandma I remembered that my little granddaughter often took pictures of herself for no reason, so she asked.

At first, the granddaughter didn't admit it, and kept asking, Zhou Yue said that she used her grandmother's identity information to register her mobile payment account in August and spent it, but where did the money go?

How to spend it?

The girl kept silent all the time.

In desperation, the family had to bring Zhouyue and all the transfer records of mobile payments to the police station for help.

  The police also wondered, how did the child find the grandma's bank card and ID card?

Why didn't my grandmother notice it for 2 months?

  The policeman looked at the grandma who was silently crying and persuaded him patiently: "Old man, don't be sad, you tell me what happened, and we will find a way to solve the problem together." The grandma said, "Comrade police, we all blame us. Adults are usually busy with work and don’t care about children playing with mobile phones every day. I don’t know how Zhou Yue knows where my bank card is, and I have never used a mobile phone to pay. I only know that she sometimes takes pictures of me and says yes I didn’t care about the need for authentication. We just found out today, and I didn’t want to ask her."

For the game

She bought 8 game accounts for 200,000

  What is puzzling is how did Zhou Yue, a young man, spend his grandmother’s 220,000 yuan deposit?

What are you doing?

With many questions, the police patiently communicated with Zhou Yue.

  Zhou Yue told the police that she downloaded a certain painter's draft app on her mobile phone, and liked the painter's work in it, so she bought a lot of painter's works on the app.

The police carefully checked the painter’s works purchased by Zhou Yue and the transfer records, and found that the amount spent on it was less than 10,000 yuan, which did not match the actual expenditure. It indicated that Zhou Yue did not tell the truth, so the police asked patiently. frank.

  According to Zhou Yue’s narrative, she usually likes to play games. In order to have better game skins and equipment, she stole her grandma’s bank card and ID in August, registered a mobile payment account and bound her grandma’s bank card, and then went A second-hand goods trading APP buys game accounts with expensive skins and high game ranks. Every time real-name authentication is required, grandma takes photos as the reason for authentication. After each transaction is completed, the consumption text messages of grandma’s mobile phone are deleted every month. As a result, my grandmother did not find any clues for two months, until recently I went to withdraw money... Zhou Yue admitted that he had spent more than 10,000 yuan on buying an Apple mobile phone, nearly 10,000 yuan on paintings, and 200,000 yuan on second-hand transactions. There are a total of 8 game accounts purchased on the website, and the price of a single account is up to more than 40,000 yuan, but she sold 2 to 3 accounts at a low price of one to two thousand.

In the end, nearly 220,000 deposits in Grandma Zhou's account were all spent.

Figure out the reason

The police advise the parents of the refund method

  The police finally figured out the ins and outs of the matter, and the people warned that Ms. Chen took the initiative to contact the customer service of each platform to explain the situation and discuss refund matters. If the platform does not accept refunds, they can file a lawsuit in the local court.

  At the same time, the police gave Zhou Yue a legal education on the spot, telling him that he should not steal property behind his family, and explain to him the stakes of indulging in online games.

On the other hand, the police educates Ms. Chen and her family, telling her to care more about the children's study and life, and pay attention to the children's daily life.

  In the end, Zhou Yue was deeply aware of her mistakes and said that she would no longer indulge in online games or tamper with the family's belongings in the future. She must study hard and apologize to her parents and grandmother on the spot.

Ms. Chen and her family said that they will take more time to care for and educate their children in the future.

  High-tech police reminder: minors have relatively low self-control, guardians should guide minors to go online; at the same time, they can help them recognize the dangers of indulging in online games in daily life, so that they can develop a good work and rest plan and spend more time with them. Children, care about children's study and life.

  Chongqing Morning News·Upstream News Correspondent Song Jian

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