China News Service, Jinhua, October 13 (Zhang Bin, Dong Yixin, Wu Ziquan) 2021 Hengdian Film and Television Festival will be held in Hengdian Town, Dongyang, Jinhua, Zhejiang from October 20th to 23rd, during which the 8th "Wenrong Award" award ceremony will be held. .

On the 13th, the finalists for the 17 jury awards of the 8th "Wen Rong Award" were officially announced, reflecting the selection orientation of supporting the new power of film and television, paying attention to the behind-the-scenes of the industry, and encouraging innovation.

Focus on the new power of film and television

  The "Wenrong Award" is one of the most well-known and influential film and television awards in China and one of the "weathervanes" of film and television creation.

  It is understood that this "Wen Rong Award" is divided into the jury award and the jury recommendation award in the award setting. The 17 awards shortlisted from this selection are the jury awards, which are divided into "new generation unit" and "craftsman ingenuity unit". ""Innovative Works Unit".

  The "New Generation Unit" focuses on young directors and young actors in two different fields of film and drama.

Excellent young directors such as Jia Ling and Xu Zhanxiong were shortlisted for the Best Young Director Award in the film category with works such as "Hello, Li Huanying" and "Revolutionary"; director Fei Zhenxiang of "Longling Cave" and director Wang Wei of "Secret and Great" Others were shortlisted for the best young director award in the drama category.

  In the actor category, Wu Lei, Zhu Yawen, Wang Renjun, Liu Yuning, Guo Qilin, Zhang Wanyi were shortlisted for the best young actor awards; Wan Qian, Liu Haocun, Ni Hongjie, Yang Zishan, Bai Lu, Zhou Ye, Lamu Yoko, etc. Shortlisted for the best young actress award.

  A total of 16 works were shortlisted in the "Innovative Works Unit".

For example, "Revolutionary", "1921", "The Age of Awakening", "Mountain and Sea Love" and other main melody works; "Hello, Li Huanying", "Send You a Little Red Flower" emotional works; "Brilliant Heart Like Jade", "Jade House Spring", etc. Network drama series, "Internal Storm", "Restart the Earth" and other major network movies.

  Excellent film and television works are inseparable from the silent contributions of the workers after the opening.

In the "Craftsman Ingenuity Unit", there are several awards set up for young practitioners behind the scenes of the film and television industry, including the best young screenwriter, the best young photographer, the best young artist, and the best young soundtrack. It will also become one of the backbone forces to promote the development of the film and television industry.

Discover and encourage industry innovation

  "The Wenrong Award is one of the few professional awards in the Chinese film and television category that focuses on young film and television practitioners. Many of the young practitioners I have known and contacted are bold and independent in their professional fields. We need to give them a platform to get'careful attention', give more attention to young people, pay more attention to more young people, which is also the biggest feature of Wenrong Award." said Zhang Guoli, chairman of the 8th "Wenrong Award" jury committee .

  Hengdian Film and Television Festival and the "Wenrong Award", as the representatives of the industry of China Film and Television Festival, not only present the annual achievements of the Hengdian film and television industry, but also highly bond the development needs of the industry and the cultivation of talents.

From the unit setting and shortlist of the "Wen Rong Award", we can see its original intention and purpose of supporting the new power of film and television, paying attention to the behind-the-scenes of the industry, and encouraging innovation.

  Hengdian is the largest gathering place and dream factory of China's film and television industry. It is also the starting point of many young film and television practitioners and the cradle of art.

Two-thirds of China's film and television works are for this reason, and it has received more than 3,500 crews in total, making it one of the world's largest film and television shooting bases.

  It is understood that the theme of this "Wen Rong Award" is "Shadow · Toward the Future". The award ceremony will be held in the afternoon of October 23 in Hengdian Yuanming New Garden.

In addition to the 17 jury awards, there will also be awards recommended by the jury, including the best work on the platform of the year and the best "horizontal" actor.


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