Double Ninth Festival

  At what moment did you think your parents were old?

  "Once I went home, there were medicines I didn't recognize on the coffee table"

  "When taking the bus, the parents swipe the senior card"

  "Grandpa's back is no longer straight, grandma's staggering steps"


  How many people do not want to admit that their family members are getting old?

We were busy with the stars and the sea all the way forward, but when we turned around, we realized that the years had never let anyone go.

  During the Double Ninth Festival, let us give more company and care to the family. In addition to eating and drinking, the following 10 things can make you and your family spend a different Double Ninth Festival, making the company different from others~











  We live in an era of high-speed operation. Faced with the pressure of life and work, we may feel that we are not able to do so.

  We always think that when we have more time in the future, we have the opportunity to go home and have a look, but seriously, there is not much time to spend with our parents in a year.

So don’t wait for a long time to come to Japan to accompany this matter. Even a phone call or a video can make parents feel the concern from their children.

  Time is hard to stay, and every moment we spend with our family is worth doing better.

  On Double Ninth Festival, let us be grateful to our parents and respect and love the elderly.

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