Before the company that makes ekiben in Odate City, Akita Prefecture, opened a store in the station yard in Paris, France in November, related parties such as food companies gathered and held a unity ceremony.

The unity ceremony held at the Akita Prefectural Government was attended by members of a group of 12 companies, including food companies in the prefecture, which was formed in April to sell Akita's food to France.

Among them, the person in charge of the company that makes ekiben in Odate City will open it in the station yard in the center of Paris in November, and in addition to the famous "chicken meal", "Akita bento" that uses plenty of Akita ingredients I explained that I will sell it.

Bento includes chicken rice made from "Akitakomachi" produced in the prefecture, "Kiritanpo" coated with Miso Dengaku, "Noshiro udon" topped with tonburi, and "Inaniwa udon" mixed with basil sauce. It means that there are 8 kinds of menus.

The price is 17 euros, which is about 2200 yen in Japanese yen.

Furthermore, in February next year, we will hold a fair in Paris to sell the ingredients used in "Akita Bento".

Through these opportunities, Akita Prefecture wants to promote food and culture to the world and connect it to the export of local ingredients.

Shuichi Yagihashi, president of the ekiben company "Hanazen," said, "I want to do my best to deliver the taste of Akita to many people and to disseminate it from France to the world."

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