Singer Sunmi, who recently complained of pain at the primary criticism directed at herself, has taken legal action against malicious commenters.

On the 13th, Sunmi's agency, Abyss Company, announced on its official Twitter account, "We will take legal action for malicious commenters to protect our singer Sunmi."

"Recently, we have confirmed a number of acts of making malicious posts with insults," the agency said.

In 2019, Sunmi also sued malicious commenters who wrote malicious comments, personal attacks, insults, etc.

In response, the agency said, "We will continue to take strong measures against malicious commenters through self-monitoring and reporting."

On the 11th, Sunmi posted an excessively malicious comment directed at herself and complained of pain, saying, "What did I do so wrong?"

The malicious commenters who wrote the comment were dissatisfied with Sunmi's judging method in the girl group debut survival program, where Sunmi is currently appearing as a judge, and said, "How do I kill Sunmi", "Sunmi, don't release an album. He poured out accusations mixed with ridicule.

In response, Sunmi said, "In which part did you hate to see me and want to kill me?" "I have been monitoring up until now and tried to talk to more people so that more people can relate. I was sincerely worried at every moment." talked about it.

(Photo=Abyss Company, Sunmi Twitter, 'girlsplanet999' Instagram)



(SBS Entertainment News editor Jina-yoon)

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