• "Titane" represents France at the Oscars.

  • Members of the Academy will now determine whether or not the French film will make the final list or not.

  • “Titanium” is still off to a good start as this sulphurous tale, which received the Palme d'Or at Cannes, has been the subject of a cult since its release in the United States.

After the Palme d'Or, the Oscar? 


has just been chosen to represent France at the Oscars. Julia Ducournau's film starring Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon preceded

Bac Nord

by Cédric Jimenez, a big public success, and

Audrey Diwan's


, Golden Lion in Venice, which will be released in France on November 24.

This disturbing and sulphurous tale about a woman falling pregnant from a truck was chosen by France to defend our colors, but only a handful of foreign films will be selected.

Not sure that it appears in the final list announced at the beginning of 2022. “It is in any case a good idea for France to have chosen such a different film, explains to

20 Minutes

Didier Allouch, correspondent for Canal + in Los Angeles .


is a real phenomenon in the United States where it triumphs at the box office and a small cult is developing around it.

He therefore has every chance of being in the final selection.


The same distributor as "Parasite"

Jean-Christophe Reymond, the producer of


no longer feels joy. "It's great to see that it is a work that speaks to young people, both a genre film and an author's film, which has been selected," he confides to

20 Minutes

. We considered ourselves outsiders now it's up to Eon, the American distributor of the film, to lead his campaign for the film to be noticed by voters. And said company Eon knows the Oscars like the back of his hand: this distributor is also that of


by Korean Bong Joon-ho who left with no less than four statuettes in 2020.

Such a prestigious fate could await Julia Ducournau, because the Academy of Oscars has not said its last word.

"I would not be surprised if


is also mentioned in other categories than just foreign films," insists Didier Allouch.

I have rarely seen such a craze.

When I did micro-sidewalks, I didn't have a single negative opinion.

Americans are impressed because they don't know how to make this type of cinema.


Tough competition

It is not until early 2022 that we will know if


 appears in the five foreign films cited at the Oscars.

Feature films by renowned directors such as

Un Héros

by Asghar Farhadi or

Julie (in 12 chapters


by Joaquim Trier are also well placed.

“Getting to the nomination is our goal,” says Jean-Christophe Reymond.

We are in a happy wait-and-see attitude.

The last French film to have known this honor is

Les Misérables

by Ladj Ly, which left empty-handed, beaten by


 in 2019. But Didier Allouch wants to be optimistic for



"I can already see myself welcoming Julia Ducournau on the red carpet", hopes the correspondent of Canal + in the United States.

We keep our fingers crossed with him.

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