• In "Julie (in 12 chapters)", Joachim Trier paints the portrait of a young Norwegian woman.

  • Renate Reinsve's performance is a major asset to this bittersweet comedy.

  • His performance earned him recognition and recognition from the jury of the last Cannes Film Festival chaired by Spike Lee.

Want to annoy Renate Reinsve?

Tell her that the thirty-something she plays in

Julie (in 12 chapters)

by Joachim Trier is a pain in the ass.

"It's mainly the men who think that," she



20 Minutes


I see her as a strong woman who is free to choose!


This volcanic character earned him the prize for Interpretation at Cannes.

Obvious as she is amazing in this role that the director wrote for her.

“It's a wonderful gift and an encouragement but there is nothing to make me lose my mind,” explains the actress who seems more stable than the heroine she embodies.

An undecided heroine

At the Deauville Festival, where this meeting took place, Joachim Trier tells us that he had been looking for a role for Renate Reinsve since he had directed it in

Oslo, August 31,

 ten years earlier.

She inspired him for this comedy of astonishing depth.

“Julie and Renate have in common an incredible vital force that I tried to communicate in the film, admits Joachim Trier to

20 Minutes


Julie could not have existed without her.


This portrait of a current young Norwegian plays with time and feelings to identify her without suffocating her.

In fourteen slices of life (including the prologue and the epilogue), the spectator is drawn into the waltz-hesitation of an indecisive heroine who her unhappiness sometimes makes funny, often touching and always endearing.

A determined actress

“Joachim and I talked a lot to create this character that I believe is emblematic of this age where we are faced with choices that commit you for the entire life,” confides Renate Reinsve.

His contribution was crucial in making a screenplay written by the filmmaker in collaboration with Eskil Vogt totally believable.

“We wanted to be sure that our male points of view would have his own as a counterpoint so as not to risk falling into caricature,” insists Joachim Trier.

A notion that Renate Reinsve rejects with a wave of her hand.

“Of course, Julie is a woman but many of her problems are not gendered, men must be able to understand them too!

»At the end of the film, the spectator dreams of meeting her again in a few years, just as one hears from a distant friend.

" Why not ?

Say actress and filmmaker with one voice.

It would be a really rich idea.

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