If younger generations who do not know the time learn about the eruption disaster of Mt. Unzen and Mt. Fugen in Nagasaki Prefecture that occurred 30 years ago, they can easily see the video by scanning the QR code such as the signboard of the sightseeing route. Therefore, the disaster remains were photographed by a drone.

Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture, has been in the process of recovering tourism demand, which has fallen due to the spread of the new coronavirus, 30 years after the pyroclastic flow disaster at Mt. We have set out to create video content such as disaster remains that convey the time and the present to the younger generation who do not know.

Shooting at the site began, and local town development companies and city officials took pictures of the disaster remains around the "fixed point", which was the coverage point of the press at that time, which was usually restricted.

In addition to videos and still images taken 360 degrees around the fixed point from 145 meters above the sky, images of going from the place where the fire brigade was at that time to Unzen / Fugendake were shot.

The footage taken is a sightseeing route set up around Unzen and Fugendake, and we are preparing to read the QR code such as the signboard installed on the course with a smartphone so that the user can see it.

Mototoshi Sato, chief of the Shimabara City Promotion Division, said, "I want generations who do not know the time of the great pyroclastic flow to see what happened in the past and lead to the transmission of disasters."

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