The ticket-grabbing acceleration package is not reliable, and the platform should bear the responsibility for refund

  Wang Guixia

  In response to consumers’ complaints that they “received the ticketing text message 4 minutes after the train leaves” on a certain platform, the official WeChat of “Railway 12306” recently issued a document stating that consumers using the acceleration package do not have the priority to purchase tickets.

According to reports, these so-called "acceleration packages" are designed and provided by third-party platforms, and are not official functions of the railway 12306 website, and there is no guarantee that tickets will be provided to users.

  The train had already departed at 7:24, but the consumer received the information that prompted the ticket to be issued at 7:28. Of course, the consumer could not get on the train, so they requested a refund.

The problem is that although the ticket is sold by the railway 12306, the short message prompting the ticket is not officially sent by the 12306. Because the consumer buys the ticket on a third-party platform, the short message is sent by the platform.

In this case, 12306 refused to refund the refund is reasonable.

  Consumers use the accelerator package to grab tickets in order to increase the ticket purchase success rate and get the train tickets earlier. As a result, the ticketing time of the platform is later than the departure time.

Obviously, this did not achieve the purpose of "speeding up". The platform's fee-based ticketing service failed, but the consumer wanted a refund but was rejected by the platform.

The platform is responsible for the "ticket-grabbing software delay in issuing tickets", and the platform should bear all losses, refund the ticket in accordance with the service agreement, and make corresponding compensation. The responsibility cannot be shirk and consumers will be in vain.

  In order to attract users, current ticket-grabbing software provides ticket-grabbing services such as "VIP Acceleration Package" and "Friends Assistance", claiming that it is a ticket-grabbing aid. The use of acceleration packages can increase the success rate of ticket-grabbing. The more acceleration packages there are The greater the success rate, the "priority ticket issue" is so obvious.

Of course, the acceleration package is not provided for free, and users need to spend money to purchase it, or obtain free acceleration packages by completing various promotion tasks.

It can be seen that when the user chooses the accelerated package service, it is actually paying for the ticket-grabbing service. The platform should fulfill the agreement and realize the promise of "priority ticketing", otherwise it should apologize and refund compensation.

  In order to attract traffic, major platforms overly boast of the acceleration package function, and many users do not hesitate to spend real money to purchase the acceleration package in order to realize the dream of "priority ticket issuance" in the environment of "a ticket is hard to find".

However, the word 12306 broke the secret. The acceleration package used by consumers does not have the priority to buy tickets. No matter which ticket software is used, they will eventually queue up in the railway 12306 ticketing system to "get on the train."

It can be seen that the "priority ticketing" claimed by the platform is false propaganda, and it is used as a hype stunt to entice and harvest user traffic.

  The false propaganda of the ticket-grabbing software platform, the promotion of the "magic effect" of the acceleration package, and the improper practice of inducing consumers to purchase the acceleration package service, caused consumers to spend wronged money, did not receive due services, and harmed their legitimate rights and interests.

Therefore, the regulatory authorities should take measures to punish the platform, order the platform to stop using "priority ticketing" as a pretense to deceive consumers, and urge the platform to carry out thorough rectification, eliminate the negative impact caused by false propaganda, and apologize to the public.

  At present, train tickets can only be bought through the 12306 ticketing system. Consumers must recognize the truth of the ticket-grabbing software and stop believing that the platform is over-promoting the ticket-grabbing function.

During holidays and peak travel seasons, train tickets face a serious imbalance between supply and demand. "One ticket is difficult to find" cannot be solved in the short term. Instead of spending money on unreliable acceleration packages, consumers should use the 12306 "alternate ticket purchase" function. It is really possible that there will be a miracle of "leakage".

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