After being rejected by the deputies, the text returned to the Senate.

At the request of the Les Républicains group, the upper house will examine at second reading a bill on "various social justice measures" and in particular on "the individualization" of the method of calculating the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) when 'they are a couple.

A measure demanded in unison from LR to LFI and which sparked a heated debate in the National Assembly last week, before the LREM majority finally rejected it on Thursday. 

Unsurprisingly, the Senate will restore its version of the text on Tuesday, which had been unraveled by the deputies.

On first reading, the upper house had largely validated the “deconjugalization” of the AAH, demanded by the associative sector, that is to say the fact of calculating the allowance without taking into account the spouse's income, unlike what is being done today.

LREM wants a standard allowance

But in the National Assembly, the majority deputies voted instead in June for a standard allowance of 5,000 euros on the spouse's income, an average gain estimated at 110 euros per month for 120,000 couples from January 1. At the end of the Assembly's decision last Thursday, Sophie Cluzel, the Secretary of State in charge of disabled people, on this occasion praised the formula of the standard allowance, an “additional investment” of “185 million ( euros) which will allow 60% of beneficiaries in couples to keep the allowance at the full rate ”.

In the Senate, the text of the rapporteur Philippe Mouiller (LR) will be very widely supported, including on the left.

But Philippe Mouiller has no illusions about his future.

"We will find ourselves in a situation where the subject risks being blocked by the government, and therefore it will be a strong pressure which will be expressed in particular at the time of the presidential election", he indicated.

The AAH, of 904 euros per month, is intended to compensate for the inability to work.

It is paid under medical and social criteria.

But as soon as the spouse's income reaches 1,020 euros per month, the AAH begins to drop.


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