China News Service, Beijing, October 12th. China’s Ministry of Emergency Management reported on the 12th that in response to the recent floods and disasters in Shanxi, the Office of China’s State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters (referred to as the “State Management Office”) and the Emergency Management Department continued to dispatch and dispatch work in the early stage. On the basis of the group, on the 12th, another working group was sent to Shanxi to inspect and guide flood prevention and disaster relief work.

  The working group pointed out that the Fen River is the second largest tributary of the Yellow River and its flood control status is important. It is necessary to consolidate flood control responsibilities, continue to do a good job in inspections and defenses of dikes, reservoirs, silt dams, and projects under construction. Improve the emergency response capabilities of dangerous situations.

Strengthen river and dike flood control management, and promptly and decisively transfer people in dangerous areas.

Adhere to the 24-hour on-duty system, adjust the response level in accordance with the plan, and strengthen the reporting of disaster information.

  The working group proposed that in the next stage, the protection of the basic livelihood of the affected people should be the top priority of the disaster relief work, strengthen the supply of warm and warm materials and related living materials, strengthen the standardized management of centralized settlements, and do a good job in sanitation and epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention and control. Speed ​​up the restoration of production and living order.

  According to the person in charge of the Emergency Management Department, on the whole, the heavy rain and flood disaster in Shanxi has several characteristics: first, heavy rainfall occurred after the main flood season, with a long duration and large accumulated rainfall; second, the heavy rain and flood brought more to the mountainous area Large losses and prominent secondary geological disasters; third, heavy rains and floods encountered cold waves and low temperatures, which brought certain pressure on the resettlement of the disaster-stricken people and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.

  On the 9th, the National Disaster Reduction Commission and the Ministry of Emergency Management launched a national level IV disaster relief emergency response, and dispatched a disaster relief work team to assist in the resettlement and relief work of the people affected by the disaster.

On the 11th, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Emergency Management allocated RMB 50 million in advance to Shanxi as a central natural disaster relief fund to support and help local governments in flood prevention and relief work.

At present, the Ministry of Emergency Management and the National Bureau of Grain and Material Reserve have launched a rapid allocation mechanism for the central life-related disaster relief materials, and will dispatch the central life-related disaster relief materials at any time according to the disaster relief needs of Shanxi Province.


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