The amount involved in the case is as high as 75.6 billion yuan     The

  foreign exchange bureau and the police cracked the case of a huge underground bank

  On October 12, the news client of CCTV reported on a case involving a huge underground bank jointly cracked by the foreign exchange administration and the public security organs in Gansu, involving a total of 75.6 billion yuan.

The operation destroyed 5 underground bank criminal gangs, destroyed 14 dens, and transferred 36 criminal suspects for prosecution.

  More than 8,000 accounts involved

  Account opening outlets involve more than 20 provinces across the country

  In February 2019, the clues transferred by the foreign exchange administration to the Gansu Provincial Public Security Bureau showed that there are underground banks in Gansu Province and they are becoming bigger.

After receiving the clues, the public security organs immediately conducted research and judgment on the relevant clues.

  After preliminary research and judgment, the investigators found that there were more than 8,000 accounts involved in the clues, and account opening outlets involved more than 20 provinces across the country.

  The huge amount of account information data brought challenges to the detection of the case, but with the in-depth analysis of the data information, the police found a breakthrough.

  During the investigation, the investigator discovered that a bank card involved in the case was very suspicious, with a daily amount of funds reaching tens of millions, but the account holder's information was an elderly woman.

After further investigation, the investigator found that the dynamic flow information of this account did not belong to the cardholder himself.

  Xue Tao, a police officer of the Gansu Provincial Public Security Department’s task force, said: “We went to the bank and retrieved the surveillance video of this bank card when opening an account, and found that this account was taken by Ma Mouhai (the cardholder himself) and her son Ma Mouhai at the time. She went to the bank to open it. At the same time, we also retrieved the relevant cash withdrawal videos and found that every cash withdrawal was made by Ma Mouhai withdrawing money from the bank, so we judged that this card is actually controlled by the suspect Ma Mouhai. in use."

  Police thunder attack

  Destroy the criminal gang in one fell swoop

  When checking the bank card transaction information later, the investigators found that these transactions had similar backgrounds.

Most of the accounts are opened by some import and export enterprises along the coast, or by the legal representatives or financial personnel of these factories engaged in export production.

  The investigators discovered that this was an underground bank criminal gang with geographical and kinship as the link. Among them, they controlled the transfer of domestic and overseas accounts, some issued small cards in the market, and some specialized in soliciting customers, with a clear division of labor.

The task force clarified the structure of the criminal gang, which is an underground money bank gang of collusion and exchange between domestic and foreign counterparts.

  He Tao, political commissar of the Economic Investigation Corps of the Public Security Department of Gansu Province, said that after analyzing the flow of funds by the People's Bank of China and the foreign exchange management department, the police have figured out the entire context of the crime and the methods of crime.

  In order to catch the criminals in one fell swoop, the police established a multi-police task force for joint operations.

After investigating and determining the organizational structure and activity patterns of the criminal gang, multiple police forces were deployed at the same time to arrest the suspect in one fell swoop.

  The amount involved is as high as 75.6 billion yuan

  Action to destroy 5 underground bank criminal gangs

  In the detention center, the suspect confessed to the police the operating procedures.

The criminal suspect Ma said that he is responsible for the operation of overseas accounts, and another person is responsible for the operation of domestic accounts. Generally, there are three people (average of the daily flow) of tens of millions of yuan (calculated).

  According to statistics, the amount involved in this case is as high as 75.6 billion yuan, 5 underground bank criminal gangs were destroyed, 14 dens were destroyed, and 36 criminal suspects were transferred to prosecute.

  Li Gaoyuan, Director of the International Revenue and Expenditure Division of the Gansu Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, pointed out that market entities illegally buy and sell foreign exchange through underground banks and do not need to submit trade authenticity materials, but there is a huge financial risk in the middle. Will form a substantial financial loss.

Operating an underground bank is an illegal and criminal act, and illegal trading of foreign exchange through an underground bank is also an illegal and illegal act. Market entities must still operate in compliance with laws and regulations.

  Xiao Sheng, deputy director of the Administration and Inspection Department of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said that in the next step, the SAFE will further strengthen the comprehensive rectification of underground banks, strengthen channel control, and supervise banks and payment institutions to further implement relevant business development principles and block underground banks. Channels for bank funds to maintain the country's economic and financial security.

  Text/Reporter Cheng Jie Co-ordinated by Yu Meiying

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