More than 3,000 square meters of underground galleries have been discovered in a district of Orleans (Loiret).

This is what emerges from the latest study by the geological and mining research office (BRGM), the results of which were communicated to residents on Tuesday, October 4.

Two years ago, a surface collapse in the same district led to the discovery of an important underground quarry, reports 

La République du Center.

"Everyone is responsible for their domain"

This new research has therefore made it possible to update this important network of galleries dug between the 17th and 18th centuries. However, this recent discovery raises fears of a risk of surface collapse. Work should be launched in 2022. "Everyone is responsible for their area, whether public or private," said the mayor of the city, Serge Grouard, specifying that the owners should therefore finance some work. 

Last Tuesday, the city councilor went to meet local residents, worried about their wallets.

“What will be expensive is the delivery of machinery and the installation of construction sites, not what is going to sink in the pockets.

The idea is to sequence the interventions well, ”he added.

The objective is to consolidate the work in order to reduce the bill for individuals.

The mayor also offered “administrative and technical support” to the residents concerned.

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