Brittany has 115 public high schools.

And from one high school to another, the prices of the canteens are very disparate since each establishment sets its own prices.

As a result, we counted at the start of September no less than 600 different meal prices in Breton high schools with prices varying from 2.57 to 4 euros.

For greater clarity, the region plans to review this tariff schedule with the implementation of a “single and social” tariff.

"This is a measure that aims to harmonize prices for the sake of fairness", underlines Loïg Chesnais-Girard, president of the region.

The price list unveiled in the spring

The principle of this single pricing will be discussed during the session of the regional council which is held Thursday and Friday in Rennes.

To find out about the new price list, which will be in effect at the start of the September 2022 school year, it will be necessary to wait for the vote of the assembly in the spring.

"We will start at a minimum on two prices, one for scholarship holders and another for non-scholarship holders, specifies the elected socialist.

And then there will be differentiated costs according to the resources of the parents of pupils ”.


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