Second-hand shoeboxes actually sell for tens of thousands of yuan!

  After the sneakers, the shoebox is also "fried"?

  Driven by the trendy culture, the shoe box also has the same status as the sneakers, attracting trendy people from all walks of life.

On the second-hand platform, Adidas Yeezy's 100-yuan original shoe box sold for 280 yuan.

The price of original shoe boxes on the e-commerce platform ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan, and some brand merchants have sold thousands of shoe boxes every month.

A shoe box from LV is priced at RMB 240,000, which has refreshed the “ceiling” of shoe box prices.

  Would you buy a shoe box worth a few hundred, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars?

The old scene of "fried sneakers" reappears, is the shoe box really "fried"?

The reporter launched an investigation.

  There are shoe boxes sold for 240,000 yuan

  Almost all of them have a price but no market

  Shoeboxes worth a few hundred, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars have appeared in various exhibitions, online shopping malls and second-hand trading platforms.

Among them, at the Louis Vuitton Hard Case Exhibition at the end of 2020, trendy shoe boxes with luxury brands set the "ceiling" of shoe box prices at a price of 240,000 yuan.

  The invitee of the exhibition, Xiao Lu, told reporters that many items on display at the exhibition are not available at normal counters, specialty stores, or cannot be displayed in counters, such as billiard tables, cosmetic cases made of special materials, and some Furniture such as sofas and beds.

Xiaolu said that these shoeboxes, which are of a luxury nature, lie more in their brand collection value, and the practicality of the shoebox itself is no longer emphasized.

  The reporter sorted out and understood that nearly 20 years ago, the metal suitcase shoe box matched with Nike Air Jordan 17 sneakers attracted wide attention from consumers.

  Air Jordan 17 sneakers are the seventeenth-generation boots of American basketball star Michael Jordan. It is also his comeback shoe style. It was launched in 2002. The packaging is in a metal shoe box. A copy of the AJ17 is presented with the shoe. CD of the development process.

  Air Jordan 17 sale price is 200 US dollars (approximately 1,290.52 yuan).

With this pair of shoes turned out, they were sold out in a short time, and they are now out of print that are hard to buy with money.

At the same time, its matching metal suitcase and shoe box has almost become a hard-to-buy collectible.

  The trend of "making fuss" on shoe boxes has continued unabated in the following years.

For example, the 2009 CLOT x NIKE AIR FORCE 1 "Red Silk" sneakers incorporate the traditional Chinese style hexagonal pastry box into the matching shoe box.

According to previous market data quoted by "", the price of its ordinary model has reached 100,000 yuan, and the price of a limited-edition shoe box has soared to 350,000 yuan.

  Almost all of the above-mentioned shoeboxes have a price but no market.

Shoemaker "Barber Hero" believes that they are not so much a storage tool as they are completely sold separately, and they are a kind of expensive collectibles.

  The original shoe box is one or two hundred yuan, and the monthly sales are thousands of

  The price of limited-quantity shoeboxes has also fallen

  Unlike limited-edition styles such as LV shoe boxes and "red silk" shoe boxes, shoe boxes that really have a market exist on major second-hand trading platforms and large e-commerce platforms.

The price of this type of shoebox is not that high.

On the second-hand platform Xianyu, the adidas Yeezy original shoe box sells for 280 yuan.

  In recent years, brands such as GOTO and SupBro that sell original shoe boxes have emerged one after another. The hot-selling light-emitting sound-activated shoe boxes of GOTO and SupBro are priced at 100-200 yuan, and it is not a problem to sell thousands of them each month.

  On Xianyu, the higher price may be the Nike SB x Hey Tea co-branded pink diamond ultra-limited voice-activated shoe box that appeared at the 2019 Nike SB exhibition.

Currently, the shoe box is priced at 2,400 yuan on the Xianyu platform.

  A seller revealed to reporters, "This joint shoe box is for sale at the exhibition. It is currently difficult to buy on the market, and I only have two now." After communication, the reporter learned that one of the shoe boxes was defective. .

However, the seller said that this did not affect the enthusiasm of customers. There are still people who ask for the price, and there is a willingness to buy defective shoe boxes at high prices.

  Things are precious.

Barber believes that if the special shoe boxes of luxury brands and some limited brands have the characteristics of "you can't buy them when you have money", then the shoe boxes as accessories for shoes are more "you can sell them."

"The large number of Yeezy matching shoe boxes means the price is relatively close to the people. Some co-branded shoe boxes have a small number and are more expensive, but they are acceptable." Barber said.

  On Xianyu, the reporter also noticed that not all limited-edition shoe boxes are at a premium, and there are exceptions.

For example, the original price of 399 yuan GOTO Tucker joint global limited shoe box has fallen to 180 yuan.

On other e-commerce platforms, it even dropped to around 100 yuan.


  Shoe friend

  "Sneakers and shoebox are complete together"

  Basic shoes shoeboxes are of little value

  Would you buy a shoe box for a few hundred or even thousands of yuan?

In this regard, Levin, who has a whole shoebox wall at home, answered: That's yes.

He thinks, "Sneakers and shoeboxes are complete together. Just like cassowals and beads in the eyes of collectors, buying cassines for beads or buying beads for cassowals is not true love."

  Bruce, who has been in the shoe circle for many years, believes that if it is a shoe box for limited shoes, someone will buy it.

If it is a basic shoe, the shoe box is of little value.

  Open the e-commerce website, search for the keyword "shoebox", the reporter saw a dazzling array of products.

The materials are paper, acrylic, plexiglass, solid wood, etc. The styles are divided into clamshell, transparent, multi-layer, and portable models. The cheap ones may only cost 1 yuan, but how can such a cheap shoe box be worthy of fashion Where's the full of trendy shoes?

  Leiwen told reporters that in addition to satisfying the basic storage function, the shoe box also has functions such as high "value" and can be folded into a shoe wall, so it can attract a lot of fans, such as GOTO and SupBro's hot shoe boxes. Buy home.

In product reviews, many buyers posted their own DIY shoe wall, with a variety of styles and trendy shoes, which is particularly "faner".

  Regardless of the limited edition shoe boxes or the original shoe boxes sold in thousands of items a month, the reporter noticed that buyers stated that they were buying shoe boxes for use and would not consider reselling them.

  Shoe circle people

  The argument of "speculation" is not valid

  Mostly for their own use or collection

  Well-known brand limited edition sneakers, there is a certain premium in the second-hand market is not new.

The so-called speculation in sneakers refers to a capital game, in which sneakers are changed hands to speculate and control the rise and fall of shoe prices.

  So, similar to fried sneakers, has the shoe box been "fired"?

Bugles, a shoe enthusiast who has been in the shoe circle for many years, believes: "At present, the point of'fried' is not established when it is immature."

  He told reporters that the basis of "speculation" is that someone wants to buy a shoe box and then resell it at a high price.

But the reality is that many shoebox buyers purchase them purely for their own use or collection.

"Before, some people fry sneakers, and some hundreds of dollars will cost 1,000 yuan, but there are still people who are willing to spend 1,000 yuan to buy them. He did not buy them for his own use, but sold them for 1,500 yuan. But when it comes to shoes Box, 800 yuan a shoe box, what I understand in the industry is that buyers basically use them for their own use."

  "In our industry's view, (buying shoe boxes) is different from fried sneakers. The number of sellers sold is small, the demand is large, and the price is slightly more expensive. This is a normal commodity economy." Bugles divides these shoe boxes into two types: The first is to be sold as commodities and decorations, and the shoe box itself has value; the second is as an accessory to shoes, which is to carry shoes and sell them together.

If the shoe box is separated from the shoe, it is of little value in itself.

He pointed out that although these two types are both shoe boxes, they have completely different attributes and cannot be regarded as unattainable in price, so they can classify this issue as "speculation".

  Expert analysis

  Similar to a game of drumming and passing flowers

  The rest will eventually pay

  Although these shoe boxes have become the "golden supporting role" of trendy shoes, the natural production threshold is low, making the premium "ceiling" of shoe boxes obvious.

"The value of these trendy consumer products is largely derived from the stories created by the merchants and the psychological expectations of consumers. Among them, the bubble component is very large, and the investment risk is high." Some insiders said.

  Experts said, “Shoebox and other hype is similar to a game of drumming and passing flowers. People in the game must be aware of the risks involved in this game, because this is a game in itself. When the drum is over, the remaining people will eventually Pay the bill."

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Dai Jiajia and intern Guo Wenyi

  According to the interviewee, Chang An Jian, the Central Political and Legal Committee

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