Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, which aims to revitalize an aging housing complex in which young people participate in the "Prime Minister's Award" of the "Tomorrow's Town / Living Development Activity Award" that recognizes excellent efforts for a comfortable community. The council was elected.

This award is sponsored by the "Association for Creating Japan tomorrow" and NHK, which support town revitalization, and is commended every year. Among them, the "Prime Minister's Award" is the "Aobadai Town Council Discussion" in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. "Meeting" was selected.

This council is an organization formed by nine town councils with approximately 3,200 households in the "Aobadai housing complex" in Ichihara city.

With the aging of the inhabitants becoming an issue, junior high and high school students participated and launched a project aiming to revitalize the housing complex in six fields such as utilization of vacant stores and disaster prevention plans.

Efforts that could be an advanced example of the nationwide challenge of revitalizing an aging housing complex were highly evaluated.

Mr. Masashi Yoshinari, Chairman of the Aobadai Neighborhood Association, said, "I started this activity because I was afraid that it would become a ghost town as it is. With this award as an encouragement, each person living in the housing complex can live like that person. We aim to create a town. "

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