Practical rescue training was held in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture, using the old government building of the city hall, which is being demolished, to destroy the floor.

This training was conducted at the former government building of the city hall, which is being demolished by the Kakamigahara City Fire Department due to the aging of the building, in an attempt to improve the rescue skills of firefighters by using the actual building, and about 15 members participated.

The training was conducted on the assumption that a large-scale earthquake occurred and rescuers were trapped in a narrow space, and a man who was injured after one member used a rope to descend from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor. I confirmed the procedure to pull up and rescue.

In addition, training is also conducted to actually make holes in the concrete floor, so that members can use electric drills to make small holes in the floor, check the state of the left-behind rescuers, and enter rescue with tools. I was making holes in it.

This training not only improves rescue skills, but also investigates the degree of fatigue of members in rescue operations by using actual buildings, and helps to create a rescue plan in practice.

Yukio Hayashi, chief of the fire department in the western part of the Kakamigahara City Fire Department, said, "By using an actual building, even if you make a hole in the floor, you can notice that there are obstacles such as ducts and you can not go to rescue immediately. It was a learning experience. "

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