12 October 2021

Christina Milian took her mother and daughter to visit the Louvre

Christina Milian seems like a fish in water in Paris.

The singer and companion of Matt Pokora (currently at the theater in the capital) took advantage of her extended stay to visit the Louvre, in the company of her mother and her daughter.

And she seems to have been amazed.

“I finally had the chance to see Leonardo Da Vinci's works with my own eyes.

When we look at the Mona Lisa, a feeling of calm and serenity comes over us.

To have learned about her work since childhood and then to really stand in front, with my daughter and my mother, that was priceless, ”she posted on Instagram as she posed in front of the legendary canvas.

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Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of BTS

The information is unexpected to say the least: Leonardo DiCaprio would apparently be a big fan of K-Pop BTS!

In any case, this is what



Cho Yeo-jeong


during her stint on

Saturday Night Live Korea


The two stars would have indeed crossed the night of the Oscars in 2020, when the feature film won the award for Best Film.

“He surprised me quickly just before going on stage to be rewarded.

He congratulated me on the victory.

I asked him if he knew BTS.

He said he liked

Blood Sweat & Tears,

 ”she explained, according to News 18.

Leonardo DiCaprio is not the first American star to say he is a fan of the ultra-popular group: John Cena, Cole Sprouse, Ariana Grande or even Jared Leto have already expressed their admiration for Korean artists.


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