Self-confessed that state-owned enterprises enjoy special enjoyment and indulge fans to play

  Analysis of Wang Jian, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Party Leadership Group of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region’s Serious Violation of Discipline and Acts

  Wang Jian, male, born in October 1960, started working in September 1977, and joined the Communist Party of China in December 1986.

Served as Deputy Director of Lingwu Mining Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Deputy General Manager and Director of Lingzhou Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd., Party Committee Member and Vice President of Ningxia Coal Industry Group Company, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd., Director and General Manager of the Board of Directors, Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd., Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Ningdong Energy and Chemical Base in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Autonomous Region Economic and Information Committee , Deputy Director (at the department level), resigned from public office in October 2017.

  On October 8, 2019, with the approval of the main leaders of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Party Committee, the Autonomous Region Supervisory Committee filed an investigation on Wang Jian's suspected serious violations of the law and adopted lien measures.

On March 3, 2020, Wang Jian’s party organization relationship was transferred from Beijing’s Chaoyang District to the Chong’an Community Party Committee, Fenghuang North Street Party Working Committee, Xingqing District, Yinchuan City.

On March 6, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Autonomous Region filed a case for Wang Jian's suspected serious violation of discipline.

On July 8, 2020, Wang Jian was expelled from the party by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Transfer for review and prosecution on July 17, 2020.

  On November 25, 2020, the Yinchuan Intermediate People's Court sentenced Wang Jian to 14 years in prison for accepting bribes and fined him 4 million yuan; the illegal income and its fruits were recovered and turned over to the state treasury in accordance with the law.

Wang Jian refused to accept the appeal and filed an appeal.

On April 19, 2021, the Higher People's Court of the Autonomous Region ruled to reject the appeal and uphold the original judgment.

  "Mr. Wang, you are in good shape today, a few more shots?"


  "Awesome, Mr. Wang, then look at my project..."

  "No problem, don't worry!"

  The day before he was detained, Wang Jian also asked his "friend" to swing at a golf course in Yinchuan, and even promised to win a project for the "friend".

However, the next day, Wang Jian received a notice from the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Autonomous Region that he was invited to explain the situation. At this time, he was still lucky.

"I thought I had already resigned, so there should be nothing wrong. I also wanted to make it clear earlier and come out to make appointments for a few games. I didn't expect..."

  During the review and investigation, Wang Jian didn't care about the mistakes he made, and repeatedly "voiced" for himself: "I have also participated in a lot of warning education before, and I feel that I am relatively clean compared to those people, and My contribution to Ningmei is not small, and there is nothing wrong with it. I just'come in' like this, and I feel aggrieved."

  With the gradual deepening of the investigation and evidence collection, Wang Jian was shocked when a pile of disciplinary and illegal facts were placed in front of him. After so many bad things, I have already fallen into the abyss of crimes, but I am insensitive, sad, and hateful."

  "Wang Jian grew up to a department-level leading cadre at the age of 36. He served in Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group for more than ten years until he was the deputy secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group. His problems mainly occurred during this period," the case handler told reporters. Wang Jian mistakenly believes that state-owned enterprise cadres can “make special” and “make things around”. He has been outside the organization for a long time, relying on enterprises to feed enterprises, arrogant and extravagant, and ultimately degenerate into political deterioration, economic greed, moral degradation, and life. The lessons of the corrupt "worms" are very profound.

  Longing for a life of extravagance and enjoyment, mingle with the boss, and be proud of being able to "call friends and accompany friends" at any time

  "My journey is very smooth." During the detention period, Wang Jian often talked about his past. "During school, I was recognized as a good student. After I joined the work, because of my love of learning, the ability to endure hardships, and the strong business ability, I quickly I joined the Communist Party of China. In the eyes of comrades, I am very good, and the organization recognizes me very much. I basically did not encounter any obstacles in promotion."

  In 2006, Shenhua Group reorganized the former Ningxia Coal Industry Group Company and established Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Company. Wang Jian was appointed as the deputy secretary of the party committee, director of the board of directors of the group company, and became the first general manager.

In November 2007, Wang Jian was appointed as Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group.

  "Shenhua Ningxia Coal is known as Ningxia's eldest son of industry. As its helm, this is the highlight of Wang Jian's career. In 2008, he was awarded the "Outstanding Professional and Technical Talent Award for Outstanding Contributions" by the autonomous region." Say.

  However, Wang Jian, who possessed these auras, gradually forgot the original mission of the Communists, and his thoughts slipped into the abyss.

  "My transformation started from relaxing and avoiding political learning." Wang Jian analyzed himself.

At the beginning of joining the party, he felt that participating in organizational life was a sacred and glorious thing. He actively participated in the study of political theory and strengthened his party spirit.

However, after embarking on a leadership position, his mind slowly slackened, often using busy business work as an excuse to escape organizational life.

"I don't want to sit with everyone, participate in political studies as an ordinary party member, and become a'special party member' outside the organization." Wang Jian said.

  After reviewing the oath of joining the party and studying the party constitution and rules, Wang Jian frankly said: "The study in the detention room is the most comprehensive and devoted political study since I became a leading cadre."

  Abandoning the "truth" of the communists, Wang Jian became spiritually empty and reluctant to make progress, and his world outlook, outlook on life, and values ​​began to be distorted.

He often compares with the bosses and feels that he is not inferior to the bosses worth tens of millions or hundreds of millions in terms of ability, but his life is far different, and his heart is becoming more and more imbalanced.

"'The world is difficult to hold is like a heart, and the world is easy to be affected is like a desire'. Since I have a'thief in the heart', I have also had greed and selfishness." Wang Jian said, "I admire the life of the bosses. It’s a good way to eat, drink and play with them. I feel that this is the life I want.” He is keen on building social circles, circles of friends, and life circles. There are thousands of contact information in his mobile phone address book, so he can be at any time. "Hope your friends and accompany you" to be proud.

  With inner imbalance and lost faith, Wang Jian alienated power into a tool for establishing personal relationships. He believes that “as long as I establish a relationship, then you will come and I will be human relations, not for personal gains.” In the patient education of case handlers Then, he came to repentance, “The personal connections built with power are actually a heavy shackles. If you don’t think about drilling all day, but spend all your energy on work, you won’t be trapped in a quagmire. I understand it too late."

  Rejects, small receipts, large receipts, low frequency, large amounts, not many targets, heavy shots, and more than 60 million yuan of wealth from enterprises.

  After establishing a "network of connections," Wang Jian used the guise of enhancing feelings and maintaining relationships, often eating, drinking, rapporting, doing private affairs, and engaging in power and rent-seeking.

"People's greed is slowly swelling, so is Wang Jian. He didn't collect money at the beginning. It can be said that his corruption has gone through the process of rejecting acceptance and receiving large income." The investigator said. .

  Before serving as the chairman of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group, Wang Jian had refused to accept gifts from some bosses.

But after rejecting it, he felt "losing" again, regretting and unwilling to accept it.

  Gradually, on the issue of whether to collect or not, and how to collect it, he worked out a little way, and formed a set of "principles"-only collect money from reliable, assured, and old subordinates who have intersections with him.

Later, it gradually evolved to lock in key targets, showing the characteristics of "low frequency and large amount of money, and fewer objects and heavy hands".

  “On Wang Jian’s path of corruption, there are two big fishes that I have to mention. One is Wang Moumou, the actual controller of a Beijing stock company, and the other is Xiao Moumou, the legal representative of a company in Ningxia.” The investigator said. .

  "My company will be listed soon. I will give you some shares to ensure that there will be a high return after listing." In May 2009, Wang Moumou thanked Wang Jian for helping his company to contract the water treatment system for the methanol project of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Corporation. After many engineering projects, he proposed to transfer the original shares of the company that is about to be listed to Wang Jian. Wang Jian praised this very much. “He is a very grateful person, and he is also strict in doing things. Let me not come out on my own. Find a relative to'buy' and hold it on your behalf."

  After that, Wang Jian arranged for his wife and brother Zhang to "purchase" 500,000 original shares of the company for 1.5 million yuan and register them under Zhang's name.

In order to be more "insurance", Wang Jian arranged for Zhang and Wang to sign a false withdrawal agreement, stipulating that Wang would return Zhang’s 1.5 million share capital and 100,000 yuan of interest, and Zhang would return the shares, but in reality Neither party refunded it.

In July 2014, Wang arranged to sell all the shares held by Zhang, with a profit of more than RMB 43.11 million.

  "I knew the profitability of the stock the first time, but I was a public official at the time and it was difficult to get it back, so I had to put it on first, thinking about the opportunity to get it back later." Wang Jian said.

Until January 2019, more than a year after resigning from public office, Wang Jianfang retrieved 17 million yuan from Wang.

  "Compared with Wang Moumou, Xiao Moumou can be regarded as Wang Jian's half a'housekeeper'. Over the years, he has taken care of Wang Jian's family in every possible way, and his actions are extraordinarily generous." The case handler said.

In January 2011, Xiao Moumou thanked Wang Jian for helping his company to undertake projects for many times, and invested 10 million yuan to buy shares of a company for Wang Jian, and agreed that Xiao Moumou would find someone to hold the shares on his behalf, and Wang Jian's income would go to Wang Jian.

Xiao Moumou would also "make a timely move" to help with Wang Jian's family affairs.

Wang Jian recognized it very much. For all related projects of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group, Xiao Moumou would be arranged first, and even personally made suggestions for its investment and management, and became a veritable "official business family".

  In December 2015, Wang Jian served as deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Group of the Economic and Information Commission of the Autonomous Region. Less than two years later, he voluntarily resigned from public office.

Regarding this, Wang Jian explained: “During my tenure as the chairman of Shenhua Ningmei Coal, I tried to do whatever I wanted. After I arrived at the Economic and Information Commission, I was assigned a deputy post. I felt a big gap. It happened at this time. A friend invited me to work in their company, so I just want to quit my job altogether."

  "In fact, Wang Jian's resignation was mainly to reap the proceeds of the stocks he received during his tenure." The investigator told reporters, "He has been looking for opportunities to retrieve the more than 40 million yuan deposited in Wang's place."

  Wang Jian was deliberately deliberate and adopted concealed means to accept other people's property in order to avoid censorship and investigation. However, all this was in vain.

After investigation, Wang Jian took advantage of his position to seek benefits for others in terms of project contracting, coal resource integration agreement signing, project payment, equipment and material procurement, etc., and illegally accepted bribes from related units and individuals, which was equivalent to RMB 60.42 million. Among them, 44.22 million yuan was received after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  During his tenure as the chairman of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group, Wang Jian talked about integrity and dedication many times at the conference. Many cadres respected him and even regarded him as an example of diligence and integrity.

While in the audience, he used power for personal gain and lavish wealth, tried every means to conceal his greedy behavior, acted as a double-faced man.

He confessed: "I am very ashamed. Not only is I ashamed, but I also have trouble sleeping at night. Once I close my eyes, the things I have done will appear in front of me one by one. ."

  Addicted to playing golf, arranged for a subsidiary company to use public funds to purchase golf membership cards for personal use, and on working days and rest days at the golf course

  From illegal eating and drinking to receiving gifts and money, shares and property, from entering and exiting high-end clubs to pursuing luxury, Wang Jian's hedonistic thoughts of playing with the bosses are growing day by day.

  In November 2012, Wang Jian arranged for a subordinate company to use public funds to purchase a 500,000 yuan golf membership card, which he said was used for official reception.

"I use it for official reception." Wang Jian said frankly. "After I first encountered the sport of golf, I couldn't extricate myself from it. I was fascinated by it and became a professional player. 'Addicts'.” When the organization clearly required that the golf membership card of the unit must be sealed and handed in, he concealed it and used it for a long time, and believed that only golf was in line with his identity.

  "I have always regarded golf as an elegant sport. I feel that this sport is only affordable by a few wealthy people. As a leading cadre, I should enjoy this elegant sport. At the beginning I played in Yinchuan, and later developed throughout the country. , Even extended to foreign countries. The stadium has also become a place for power and money transactions." Wang Jian said.

  In order to play golf, Wang Jian is willing to be "hunted". Whether it is buying valuable equipment or high consumption on the golf course, there are always people who want to do what he likes, and he readily accepts it.

  According to relevant personnel of Shenhua Ningmei Group, Wang Jian can always be seen on the court no matter it is a working day or a rest day.

In the swings, Wang Jian’s feelings with his bosses were “close”, but his feelings with the cadres and employees of the company were “far”. Wang Jian, who only had power and profit in his heart, played perfunctory work, turned away from the masses, and “retreated” step by step. "To the edge of the cliff.

  After resigning from public office, in order to fill the spiritual emptiness, Wang Jian was more keen to play golf. His specific related person, Xue Mou, bought a golf membership card for him in Beijing for his long-term use.

  "After I resigned, there were many people who came to play with me. At first, I felt that I had a good relationship with them. Then I gradually realized that they were interested in the connections and influence I had accumulated in Ningmei for so many years. They wanted to borrow Let’s take some projects. I’m still a little bit complacent about this. I think there are people who are looking for it and prove my value.” Wang Jian self-analyzed.

However, all this will eventually become fleeting.

  "My father named me'thrift', hoping that I would be thrifty, hardworking and simple throughout my life, but it was precisely because of my frugality that I became a'king extravagance'." Wang Jian, who signed the party discipline decision letter, trembled his hands and shed tears. His face was full, "I have failed my father's good intentions."

  Unauthorized behavior, many people in the group are still trying their own way to find ways and trust relationships, trying to justify their "small circle"

  Wang Jian pursues extravagance and enjoyment in life, but he acts arbitrarily at work, setting himself up as a "parent" and even going beyond his power.

He said frankly: "The organization appointed me as its deputy secretary and was in charge of administrative work under the leadership of the group's party committee, but under my'control', it became the chairman of the board to directly lead the work of the party committee, which is above the organization."

  "Go and deal with it and put out the'fire'." In 2010, the main leader of a coal mine under the Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group was investigated by the prosecutors for crimes. Wang Jian, then chairman of the group, not only failed to actively cooperate with the investigation. , Counter-instructing subordinates to find ways and trust relationships, to reduce major issues and minor issues.

  In 2013, several mine managers of the group were investigated for taking bribes and were sanctioned by law.

After the incident, a leader of the procuratorial organ warned Wang Jian, “If you can treat it right, stop the unhealthy trends earlier, this will not happen.” But Wang Jian disagrees, “The social atmosphere is like this, these are just accidents. Incident.” Some people suggested that he conduct warning education in the group and learn from the case, but Wang Jian, who is arrogant and arrogant, scoffed at this. He believes that as long as he has a wide network and be cautious, there is no problem.

"The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. I am also violating discipline and law, and I am more courageous, so I didn't care about their criminal behavior at all. The atmosphere of the whole group is getting worse and worse." Wang Jian said.

  In 2014, the Central Inspection Team inspected the Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group. Many middle-level cadres of the group were investigated for alleged bribery and went to jail.

The group cadres fell off the horse one after another, but Wang Jian still did not realize the seriousness of the problem, let alone the root of the problem. He still insisted on going his own way, trying to solve the problem with his own "personal relationship" and justify his "small circle". Seriously damaged the political ecology of the enterprise.

  Regarding the supervision and management of the autonomous region and the higher-level Shenhua Group Company, Wang Jian played tricks on both sides and evaded supervision. "Although Ningmei is under the management of the autonomous region and Shenhua, the management is relatively lax. When I report to the autonomous region, I will talk about it. The progress of the current project and the achievements of the work; when Shenhua reports on the work, he will say that the autonomous region supports our work, and emphasizes that the district has strict management on us. In fact, both sides don’t care about me very much, and I was drilled. Void."

  "The Wang Jian case is a typical case of state-owned enterprise corruption in our district. Supervision is tangible and inaccurate, and the lack of power restriction is the main reason for the continuous spread of style and corruption in this field." The case handler said, "effectively restrict and supervise the operation of power. Only by grasping the key and vital points of resisting corruption."

  Looking at Wang Jian’s serious violations of discipline and law, he has hardly bypassed the word “power”: when power is increased, there are fewer people who can supervise oneself, and he begins to be arrogant; When the power is increased, the pockets are bulging, and the sensuality begins, until the power is used to overwhelm the people, the power is used exclusively, and the political ecology of the unit is destroyed.

Taking the case as a lesson, to implement effective supervision of state-owned enterprises, we must firmly secure an incorruptible system cage, promote state-owned enterprises to improve the modern enterprise system, strengthen the supervision of "top leaders", and rectify the right direction for the operation of power.

The case also warned party members and leading cadres to build a firm ideological line of defense, insist on using power fairly and in accordance with the law, keep the bottom line of integrity, and do not repeat the mistakes of Wang Jian.

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