On the evening of October 12, the Sanya Tourism and Culture Bureau issued a notice that due to the impact of the No. 18 typhoon this year, the Sanya Three Prevention Headquarters decided to initiate a flood and wind prevention level II emergency response at 19:00 on October 12. The headquarters requested that all scenic spots in Sanya be temporarily closed from 20:00 on October 12 to ensure the safety of tourists.

  The notice requires that the reinforcement and maintenance of equipment and facilities should be strengthened to ensure the safety and stability of all equipment and facilities; all tourism and sports enterprises must complete the transfer of personnel in low-lying areas, especially the evacuation of seaside workers, and those in slab houses, work sheds, and dangerous buildings. People must move to a safe area; according to the actual situation, each tourist attraction must make various preparations for typhoon prevention, and timely release the typhoon warning information to the majority of tourists through LED screens or notice boards. Safe behavior.

  All tourist hotels should do a good job of comforting and relocating stranded passengers, prepare adequate food, arrange necessary indoor entertainment activities under the premise of ensuring safety, increase attention to guests, calm guests' anxiety in a timely manner, and avoid complaints.

For guests who have booked a room and cannot check in as scheduled, the hotel shall proactively negotiate with the other party to postpone the reservation or give a full refund.

  Travel agencies should promptly adjust the travel route arrangements, strengthen communication and guidance with tourists, maintain close contact with tourists, inform tourists of typhoon dynamics in time, remind tourists not to go out as much as possible, and pay attention to personal safety.

  (Headquarters reporter Wei An)

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