[Explanation] This is a theater with only one audience. There is no gorgeous stage, no exquisite costumes, no bustling cheers, no penny pay, but there are pure feelings and dedicated performances, and the only audience is moved. To cry.

  [Explanation] Recently, the vacant lot in front of Huang Zhongxian's house at the gate of 81-year-old Huang Jueping Street in Chongqing has become the venue for the "A Theater of Spectators" charity event of the Post and Telecommunications Service Center of Chunya Social Service Center.

After the simple audio equipment was in place, the open space at the door became a small stage, and Huang Zhongxian became the only audience for the show.

Huang Zhongxian told reporters that he has two sons who work in other places and live alone. Since the "One Person Theater" activity has made his life interesting.

  [Commentary] There are a lot of news, poetry recitations, dances, and nursery rhymes.

The 6-year-old Wang Xuanli's "Listen to me thank you" kicked off the show.

Wang Taohao, from the second grade of Railway Elementary School, appeared on the stage. A poem recitation of "Qinyuanchun·Snow" was praised by the elderly.

  [Synchronization] Huang Naka

  Very happy and very warm.

We must live well, live healthily, and live like old people.

thank you all.

  [Explanation] 90-year-old Zhu Zixiu has been amputated due to illness and has lived in a wheelchair for more than ten years. She lives alone with her wife.

The arrival of the social work service team also made the elderly very excited.

Volunteers played their favorite Sichuan opera to the elderly, replaced the battery of clocks and watches, watching the busy crowd, Zhu Zixiu couldn't help wiping tears.

As the performance began, a song performed by silver-haired volunteers filled the scene with emotion and warmth.

  [Explanation] Fan Xiaoai of the Chunya Social Work Service Center told reporters that "a theater for spectators" is aimed at the community’s need for empty nests, living alone, the elderly, and disabled elderly people who lack care. By mobilizing community volunteers, it adopts a social work + volunteer model. , In the form of literary service + support and companionship + other services, alleviate the loneliness of the elderly, promote the connection between the elderly and the society, and promote the development of neighboring mutual assistance and elderly care.

The social workers performing programs for the elderly come from all walks of life, some are local primary school students, a silver-haired volunteer service team composed of retired elderly people from the street, and volunteers from all walks of life.

  [Concurrent] Fan Xiaoai, a staff member of Chongqing Chunya Social Service Center

  Through "a theater for spectators", the elderly can relieve his loneliness in life and let him feel the warmth of our big family.

  [Commentary] Fan Xiaoai said that in the future, it will be held regularly every month to give this pure spiritual gift to the local old people.

  Reporting from Chongqing by reporter Jia Nan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】