Cédric Jimenez never imagined that his film would be used by the extreme right.

Yet this is the fate of

Bac Nord

, a film well received by critics, that Marine Le Pen has used on several occasions, before the next presidential election, as an example of everything that is wrong with insecurity in France.

The director therefore decided to react to the situation by contacting France Inter directly, which recently published an article on the recovery of his film by the National Rally but also by Eric Zemmour.

“It's pure political recovery.

A film remains a film, it is a fiction which tells a very particular news item, it does not tell the whole of the northern districts ”, annoyed the scenario writer.

If he “did not live well” this recovery, it is because his ideas, and those he wanted to convey with his film, are at odds with those of the French extreme right.

Pseudo security campaign

Cédric Jimenez insists: if the campaign of Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour is based on fiction to advance certain theses, there is a problem.

“I don't agree with them at all, I don't want to be associated with them. They do not represent our values. I don't want

Bac Nord to

 serve their pseudo security campaign. Eric Zemmour takes the bad example, he interprets the film in a bad way. Does he have that to say? It is absurd. This gentleman is not serious. They use this film to say terrible things, with which I more than not agree, ”added the Marseille director, who recalls that the neighborhoods in which he shot have nothing to do with what is described in the film.

“There is a lot of diversity and a lot of joy, I have great memories.

The city is not

Bac Nord


Bac Nord

is a police matter.

The film is not called Northern Quarter!

», He concluded.

Not sure that this rant is enough to prevent the film from being cited again during the campaign ...


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