• In France, Staps students are angry at the lack of resources

  • A national mobilization is scheduled for Wednesday in several large cities.

The Staps are out of breath.

Faced with the lack of material resources and the problems of supervision, French students in the sciences and techniques of physical activities and sports are pushing a rant, no longer to be "forgotten" by the university.

"And again, in Nantes, we feel lucky compared to Rennes or Toulouse, where the infrastructure is in very poor condition", points out Sophia Mezouani, general secretary of the association of students in STAPS of Nantes.

In Rennes, several students in the sector describe teaching conditions in "old prefabricated buildings worthy of prehistoric remains" and bodybuilding equipment "dangerous for the students".

One teacher for 40 students

Above all, the students of the sector point the finger at the lack of teachers, and consider themselves understaffed "compared to other sectors". Because despite the end of the draw for entries into sports college since 2018, applications are still more numerous, and the proportion of students remains significantly higher than the capacity of supervision. “In Nantes, we are in great demand. At one point, we come to the end. There are about ten times more candidates than there is room, ”says Stéphane Bellard, director of the Nantes Staps training and research unit. He mentions a rate of supervision of one teacher for 40 students, against 17 on average at the university in France.

“In ten years, the number of students in Staps has almost doubled”.

But the means did not really follow.

Since 2018, the sector has opened 140 additional places in the first year.

“We got the jobs we needed to deal with it.

But that does not solve the shortage of teachers, which is chronic, ”says the director of Nantes.

The sector is attracting more and more

560 students join the “Stapsiens” amphitheatres in Nantes each year.

“The problem is also that the sector is becoming more and more attractive,” explains Sophia Mezouani, who is also a Master's student in this sector.

“These are multidisciplinary studies based on a passion: the practice of sport.

We manage to convince that there is professional integration in the sports professions, ”adds Stéphane Bellard.

But to meet this need and offer a quality level of study, the students of the sector, through the national movement “Forgotten Staps”, ask the Ministry of Education to act.

This Wednesday, a mobilization of sports students is planned everywhere in France.

"Give us teachers and let us study in good conditions!"

», They claim.


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