What news from Mars and Titan?

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Titan the moon of Saturn © Shutterstock

By: Caroline Lachowsky

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What news from Mars and Titan?

Where is the exploration of these giant planets and the moons of our solar system?

Have they been able to shelter life?

Sidereal responses from planetologist Athena Coustenis.


Where is the exploration of the red planet?

What are we going to look for on Titan, Saturn's largest satellite?

The only moon in our solar system that has an atmosphere?

Could we detect traces of life there? 


Athena Coustenis

, astrophysicist specializing in planetology.

His research focuses particularly on the study of atmospheres and planetary surfaces, in particular on Titan and Enceladus, satellites of Saturn and Ganymede and Europa, natural satellites of Jupiter.

She is also working on the characterization of exoplanetary atmospheres.

Athena Coustenis is currently scientific manager of a new 

Titan Saturn System Mission

, scheduled for launch in 2025.


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