This could be a first in Brittany.

The “Récifs du Goëlo” association, based in Plouézec (Côtes-d'Armor), wishes to establish artificial reefs off the town.

She announced that the project will see the light of day in 2022, reports

La Presse d'Armor on


Next year, the town of Plouézec will see the birth of an artificial reef off the lighthouse of L'Ost-Pic.

The very first in Brittany.

The association seeks to promote the development of declining underwater fauna.

Thus, it wishes to raise public awareness of the impact of climate change on biodiversity, and the importance of its preservation.

Fishermen behind the project

“Récifs du Goëlo” has been working on this virtuous project since 2016. It was born within the association of recreational fishermen (APPPLBK) in Plouézec.

After carrying out an impact study with the National Museum of Natural History in Dinard, the association obtained the green light from the Sea Coast Commission and funding for the region and Europe.

The Breton municipality will join Cherbourg, Marseille or Toulon, under the terms of the municipalities which have established an artificial reef on their coasts.



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