A surprise in the mystery of the disappearing "Sahel Microbus" in Egypt

Attempts to search for a coastal microbus in Egypt

Egyptian media revealed a surprise in the incident of the mystery of the disappeared microbus, which eyewitnesses said had fallen with its passengers in the Nile River from the top of the Sahel Bridge, and the newspaper "Al-Watan" said that the drivers of the taxi stand in Rawd Al-Faraj, on which all taxis heading towards the Sahel Bridge pass, They confirmed that there is no absent microbus driver and everyone is always present every day.

One of the drivers told the newspaper: "If someone is absent from the situation from the drivers, we know, because everyone here knows each other and everyone has a role."

He pointed out that after news spread that a microbus had fallen from the top of the coast bridge, the families of the drivers moved to the parking lot to ask about their relatives, and it turned out that all the drivers were fine and none of them was hurt.

The Egyptian security services and rescue teams are still making great efforts to uncover the mystery of a white object that appeared on one of the surveillance cameras as it fell into the Nile River, coinciding with the reporting of eyewitnesses that a microbus with its passengers fell into the Nile River, and the incident remains a mystery until now.

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