L'Arche de Cerise launched an appeal for donations on Thursday, October 7.

This small association based in Ungersheim, in the Haut-Rhin, collects sick, injured or disabled foxes, reports Actu Haut-Rhin.

Mélinda Issenlor, president of the association, then provides them with care.

Thus, small red mammals are often saved from certain euthanasia.

“We are in great need of boxes for dogs,” communicates the association on a private Facebook group.

Winter arrives quickly in Alsace, and food donations are scarce at the moment.

We are constantly looking for donations for our future enclosure, but also to feed the animals, ”she says, specifying that the donation is tax deductible.

A refuge not open to the public

Six foxes currently live in the structure.

They are too vulnerable to be able to return to nature.

A female, who was the first to be rescued, was named Cherry.

It was she who gave the name to the association.

Today she is too accustomed to human contact to regain life in the wild.

Among the permanent residents at the Arch of Cherry, foxes traumatized, disabled, or unable to feed themselves.

To take care of it, Mélinda obtained the fox breeding certificate in 2017, specifies France 3 Grand-Est.

The refuge is not open to the public "in order to protect the animals".

But to read the comments on social networks, the young woman can count on broad support.


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