Whity joined the Edentara park in Isles-les-Meldeuses (Seine-et-Marne), last Saturday.

This baby white wallaby had been reserved for several months at a breeder by the animal park located near Meaux, reports

La Marne


The young marsupial, only a few months old, will live with three other congeners in this educational farm which hosts 40 different species.

A rare albino for the species

According to Françoise Coulet, the manager of Edentara, Whity “is a little lost because he is separated from his mother.

But Willy, another of the wallabies, took him under his wing ”.

The animal has the very rare characteristic of being albino: it therefore has a white coat and red eyes.

"He is young so obviously we have to watch him but all is well for now", assures the person in charge of the park.

Last June, the exotic farm had been talked about with another marsupial, named Walter.

He had escaped from his enclosure and had spent 24 days in the wild.

He had finally been found, very weakened and anemic, after long searches relate our colleagues.

This was the first such incident for Edentara in 16 years of operation.


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