A small rhino was born on October 6 at the Amnéville zoo (Moselle), the park announced in a press release.

The young Mosl thus pointed the tip of his nose around 10:30 am and at noon, he was already walking in his enclosure, alongside his mother Tala.

The latter, aged 21, gave birth to three babies in all, including two in the Amnéville zoo.

“This birth is excellent news.

Despite increasing numbers of around 20,000 individuals in the wild, this species remains coveted for its horn, ”recalls the structure on Facebook.

At the end of September, a white rhino was welcomed at the Thoiry zoo, in the Yvelines, to replace Vince, shot and mutilated by poachers in his own enclosure in 2017.

A very endangered species

“Rhinos are endangered animals.

[…] Nowadays, nearly four rhinos a day are killed in Africa, it is therefore important to protect them ”, indicated the Amnéville zoo when Aranka left at the beginning of September.

This female born in the park in 2018 has joined another establishment, located in Denmark.


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