Rapper Youngji Lee responded resolutely by leaving a direct reply to a post criticizing her.

On the 7th, Lee Young-ji shared a post posted by a netizen on her Twitter.

The netizen said, "Lee Young-ji is so ugly and uninteresting, but I hate the world when I say this and it's an explosion of inferiority. Are you going to do it to her because there is no one to be passionate about?" "It's not fun and I'm really reluctant. A minor who plays insiders." was rudely criticized.

However, when Lee Young-ji saw the article, he resolutely responded, "How many times did you search for my videos until I felt miserable... You really love me." Stay here. I need you." He also demanded constant attention to himself.

Afterwards, many netizens criticized the malicious commenter, but Lee Young-ji showed a cool appearance, saying, "I'm more afraid of replying to unread KakaoTalk than malicious comments."

Earlier, Lee Young-ji said, "When I saw malicious comments, I said, 'If you had studied with the ability to write these comments, you would have gone to Harvard', 'If you studied with this creativity, you would have become a useful member of society', 'I eat chicken when you comment' I think," he said, collecting topics by revealing his own mature coping method.

Lee Young-ji, who resolutely responded to the malicious comment this time, netizens supported Lee Young-ji with reactions such as "I'm a famous person with malicious comments. I'm a lot older than Young-ji, so I want to live like that", "Don't do that on social media and live your life well".

(Photo=Lee Young-ji Twitter/Instagram)

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