While the "Citrus Ribbon", which aims to eliminate discrimination and prejudice over the new coronavirus, is spreading all over the country, elementary school children in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, worked on making a ribbon that is a symbol of the movement.

The "Citrus Ribbon Project" started in Ehime Prefecture to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against people infected with the new coronavirus, and has spread all over the country.

At Itsutsugaoka Elementary School in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, 44 fifth and sixth graders worked on ribbon making for the first time on the 12th, confirming the purpose of gratitude to medical staff and expanding the feeling of being close to infected people.

Then, each person carefully created a ribbon that imaged the citrus citrus, which is a specialty of Ehime prefecture, which is a symbol of this movement.

On the 12th, I would like to make about 200 ribbons and continue to make ribbons at home so that I can wear them myself or distribute them to local people to expand my thoughts on the exercise.

A 6th grade boy said, "It was difficult to make, but I wanted to eliminate discrimination."

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