The storm "Athena" has continued in Greece in recent days.

Floods occurred in many areas, including the island of Evia, which was plagued by forest fires two months ago. Emergency workers rescued more than 100 people in heavy rain.

  Heavy rain caused rivers in the northern part of Evia to overflow, and thick mud poured into residents' homes in some areas.

During the heavy rain, the local bridge collapsed and the water supply network had problems.

  The disaster intensified the impact of the forest fire on the island of Evia two months ago. The thick ashes left by the fire were met with rain and turned into mud and poured into homes and streets. The nearby children’s amusement park was also destroyed. , The road is also unusable.

  After the disaster, an inspection team composed of many government officials visited Evia to check the damage.

Due to the severe disaster, government officials announced on the 10th that the government will provide 20 million euros in emergency funds to strengthen the flood control capacity in northern Evia this winter.

  Meteorological experts predict that Greece will face more severe resistance to natural disasters when winter arrives.

(Producing Sui Zhiyuan)

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