• Clémentine bowed to Ugo and Clémence during the last game in the arena allowing to re-enter the adventure of

    Koh-Lanta, the legend


  • Before leaving, the young woman emptied her bag.

    She did not digest the betrayal she suffered from the girls with whom she had an alliance.

  • “Frankly, I don't regret because I was right in my boots all the way.

    I have my values, ”says Clémentine to

    20 Minutes


It was the Clementine show.

The seventh episode of

Koh-Lanta, the legend

ended with the elimination of the young woman during the last test of the arena: she bowed to Ugo and Clémence who will return to the adventure.

Before putting out her torch, she emptied her bag in front of Laurent and Phil, the two ambassadors responsible for agreeing, in the next episode, on the name of the adventurer they want to see. quit the game from TF1.

Clémentine unpacked her truth about the girls' alliance, how she felt betrayed and Coumba's role as leader.

Before you left, you let go of everything on your heart.

Did you want to influence the choice of ambassadors?

At that point, everything is over for me.

I had heard a lot of things, saying that we wanted to eliminate the strongest with Candice and Clémence, that we were at the head of an alliance, which was not the case.

I wanted at least the ambassadors to know the truth about what happened at the girls' camp.

I didn't want to influence them, but I wanted them to make their choice with full knowledge of the facts.

You would have liked to return to the adventure for a "revenge mission"?

I was boiling inside.

I had only one desire: to let go of the horses on my return.

I wasn't planning to start fights at all, but to take revenge on the girls.

I was ready to put their name down until the end of the adventure.

Do you regret having made an alliance with the girls?

Frankly, I don't regret because I was right in my boots all the way.

I have my values.

We put this alliance in place but it was not I who betrayed it.

If everyone had kept their commitments, we girls would have gone much further.

There, what do we see?

The girls go out, one after the other and, on top of that, it creates tension between them.

The boys love it.

So I do not regret it but I will surely trust the girls a little less the next times.

In a recent Instagram post, you wrote of the boys: “They open it ten times less than we do and walk in silence.

Is that the secret to success?

The boys didn't have to tell each other that they were allying themselves.

It was normal that, when we went to get together in mixed teams, they would vote against a girl each time using the same name.

At reunification, we'll see, but the boys will surely meet again.

They don't say it, they move forward in silence… It's much finer than us.

Did you hesitate to participate in this anniversary season?

I hesitated on personal matters.

I have a restaurant and I was bothered to leave again for a month and a half.

I also dreaded the return to notoriety, to social networks [five years ago, she had been targeted with virulence by haters].

It was starting to calm down, I told myself that if I went back, it was going to be fireworks again and I didn't really want that.

But I didn't hesitate for long because it's an adventure that suits me perfectly and I love it.

Compared to your first participation in "Koh-Lanta Cambodia" in 2017, you seem more peaceful.

Is it maturity?

I grew up and learned from my mistakes.

I always had a communication problem, I am very impulsive, I calmed down a bit, I learned to say things.

I hold back a little more than before but it is enough to disappoint me or betray me for it to come back at a gallop, as you have seen (laughs).

The public's feedback on your participation is generally positive, right?

There, I do not see too many haters.

There are quite a few people who have changed their minds about me, so it's still very nice.

I see more positive than negative.

I make people laugh more than I piss them off compared to my first participation.


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